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Skin Care Tips

Skin Care

Monsoon Skin Care

Monsoon skin care is everybody’s first priority as our skin tends to get oily due to humid and damp climatic conditions. During monsoon fungal skin infections are common. We constantly look for good and easy to follow skin care tips. The common areas of fungal infections are skin folds in groin area, fold under the breast and underarms. One has to regulary take care of skin to avoid these skin ailments to keep our skin areas dry by regularly using anti fungal powder. We even have to take care of our feet in between the toes as it is more prone to fungal and bacterial infections  due to contact with impure rain water. The good way to keep it clean from dust and impurities is to keep you feet immersed in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes with a good antiseptic liquid added to the water. Later clean it with acti-bacterial soap and dry your feet.

As our face gets oily due to humidity one has to regularly wash our face by quality cleansers with a light scrub gently. You even have to wasy your scalp regularly with a good quality PH mild shampoo. One has to cleanse the scalp gently to make your hair healthy and free from damage. Usage of sunscreen is also suggested during monsoon conditions as uv rays can also affect your skin thru cloud.

According to ayurveda, during monsoon there is increase in pitta the functional energy of body which is the main source of metabolism and digestive power for food. Pitta means heat or fire and it includes foods like hot, spicy, greasy and fried. Other acidic foods such as vinegar, citrus fruits like oranges, mosambis, tomato, youghurt should be consumed in moderation.

Some basic precautions during monsoon season are :

Keep your skin dry – during rainy season our skin tends to get wet in outdoors. Damp skin is a breeding ground for fungal infections. Keep a towel or napkin always to dry your feet and skin regularly.

Drink lots of fresh water – avoid caffeneted  and alcoholic drinks, drink 9 to 10 glasses of fresh water. Water is responsible for cleansing our body internally to flush out all toxins and give a clean and healthy skin.

Consume cooling herbs – It gives cooling effects tothe body, like fennel, coriander seeds and Indian gooseberry (amla) for a glowing skin in monsoon. Amla helps to detoxify the liver and aids digestion – and is also a good source of Vitamin C and other minerals. Taking it regularly is a flawless complexion for skin

Drink Wheat grass – Wheatgrass is a tonic for your skin. It will not only benefit in boosting the immune system and help you in  controlling skin disorders in monsoon. Wheatgrass is rich in antioxidants and is instrumental in detoxifying the blood.

Apply Aloe Vera gel – it is  beneficial for the skin as it purifies the blood and helps in rejuvenating the skin. Fresh Aloe Vera gel can be taken in the dose of two or three tablespoons on an empty stomach every day. You can also apply fresh Aloe Vera plant gel on your skin – it has anti-aging, anti-tanning, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Eat Fresh and healthy – avoid unprocessed , processed and packaged  food to keep your body and your skin functioning at an optimum level. Replace junk  foods such as pizzas, noodles, burgers or chips, enjoy your homemade food . Consume  lots of fruits and green vegetables.

Alcohol-based skin cleansers – avoid it, they irritates and dries your skin. Instead use a herbal soap or cleanser regularly to get rid of excess oil, grime and dust, and  to keep you skin free of bacterial infections.

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 These were some basic tips on how to keep your skin healthy during monsoon season. If you find this article helpful, please share with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.


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Natural Skin Care


 Skin Care

A glowing and healthy skin is our top desire. This is the reason we spend lots of money on cosmetic, moisturizer, skin care products, face cream etc. Many cosmetics brands have introduced different type of skincare products in market. All these products have their own benefit and it depends on quality of each of them. Before buying, carefully read the instructions manual and allergy advice for different types of skin.

I will showcase some basic things we have at our home; they are affordable, easy to use and do not harm our skin. If budget is your constraint, you can try out these simple yet effective natural skin care tips. Start with these herbs available in your kitchen.


It is the best natural herb we can ever have. It has lot of benefits for our body. For our skin care it purifies our blood, it nourishes skin, gives glow and sparkle. Turmeric has properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory. It has healing properties and prevents drying of skin. It helps in treating skin ailments such as pigmentation, acne, blemishes, acne etc. Skin care brands have effectively used this herbs in their anti aging cream products.

Corcus Sativus – Keshar or Saffaron

Another important natural herb widely used in skin care treatment. Its main property is for giving a glowing face skin. Many leading cosmetic brands have used this herb because of its high qualities in skin treatment. It helps in treating pimples, black spots, pimples. For a glowing face add this herb in your skin care routine.

Aloe Vera

It is another high quality herbs. Today we see leading cosmetic and skin care brands using these herbs in their facial mask or facial treatment products. Aloe vera is famous for its cooling, healing, anti-fungal properties. It has a rich cooling property. In case of injuries to skin such as rashes, burn, acne, wound etc, it is very effective in healing and reduces inflammation. Even best acne products have added this herb.

Cucumis Satius – Kheera Beej / Cucumber

Cucumber is widely consumed in summer due to its cooling qualities.  Do you know that its seeds are also very beneficial. Makers of anti wrinkle cream, moisturiser, organic skin care cream products have added this herbs. It covers the wrinkles on the face and it is cooling, antiseptic, it rejuvenates and nourishes the skin

Ocimum Sanctum – Tulsi

Another good quality herb widely used in India. It has religious and spiritual importance in India. Cosmetic brands have blended this herb into their products. It gives a glowing skin and is antiseptic.

Santalum Album – Chandan

Since long time this herbs is used in India and all over the world for serious skin care and  healthy skin. It is an important ingredient of best facial moisturizer available in markets or cosmetics online today. As a face cleanser it brings a balance of surface oil and moisture content of our skin.  It is also very popular for it germicidal properties.

Image Sources:

Turmeric- CC BY 3.0 By Simon A. Eugster.jpg

Saffron_threads by Rainer Zenz- By CC 3.0.jpg

Aloe Vera Plant – BY-SA 3.0 By 3268zauber

Tulsi_flowers_pods- CC BY 3.0- By Ramanraj


Above were some basic herbs available in our home kitchen. These are very effective and simple skin care tips. If you have any type of skin allergy or suffering from any type of skin ailments do consult your doctor before using any of above tips. If you have any suggestions do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.

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Summer Care

Stuffed_tiger by Keith Pomakis - Wikimedia.Org under CC BY-SA 2.5

Summer Care 2015

Summer heat is arrived and we all are fighting it out to keep cool. This year mercury level has been pretty high especially in Asian countries like India, China, Japan and others. The outcome is excess heat, skin infections, dehydration, skin rashes, sunburns, acne, itching, sweat and thirst. There are some simple tips / precautions which if you follow regularly, can help to minimize the impact of heat. As and when the summer is advancing there is gradual increase in temperature. For summer care the most common advice is one can gets, is to stay indoors.  Take shelter of your air conditioners, coolers and fan. we are looking out for skin care tips, good cosmetic products, moisturizer, skin lightening cream, beauty products etc.

All these modern resources can help you stay cool till we are indoors. But we have to go out of our house for office and other work. That is the real testing time. To minimize the effect of summer heat we have to keep cool from inside i.e. emotionally and mentally and take good care of our skin.

beach portugal by steven CC BY-SA 3.0
beach portugal by steven CC BY-SA 3.0

Cool Refreshments

To keep ourselves cool, we reach out at our refrigerators for a chilled bottle of cold water, carbonated beverages or packaged juices. Occasionally, having it for a change is fine. But in long term it may take a toll on your body. It effects your digestion power, immune system and other effects. To protect ourselves from these side effects, have fresh fruit juices, water melon, lassi (a drink made from thickening of curd with sugar), water stored in clay pots at room temperature.

Daily Hygiene

Daily hygiene is the basic thing we have learnt since our childhood. For summer, if we take some extra steps, it helps us a long way. Rose flower is available easily all over the world. But few people may be aware of its benefits in summer. It has an effective cooling power. Rose petals and rose essence oil has great cooling power. Soak rose petals overnight in water and in morning mix it with your bathing water. After taking bath with water along with rose petals softens your skin, makes it flexible and glowing in addition to guarding skin against sunburns.

Balance Diet

Be watchful of what you put in your mouth. I assure you, half job is done. Diet plays a crucial role in our life. As per weather conditions, we have to make changes in our daily diet regime. Have lots of fresh fruits, they are full of life and energy. They rejuvenate our whole system. The other combination is fresh vegetables. They are full of all essential vitamins and minerals required by our body. With proper cooking methods (less oil usage), it aids in weight management. Thirdly, avoid spicy and sour diet. Make use of body cooling spices such as cardamom, mint, fennel etc in your diet.


Sunlight is proven therapy for our good health. Again we have to consider climatic conditions of our country or region. In early morning, when the sun is not at its peak, exposing our skin to direct sunlight is beneficial. During the mid-day time, when sun is at its peak, direct contact with sun rays may be harmful for our skin. It causes skin burns, irritation, itching etc. avoid going out in direct sunlight. Wear cotton garments, long sleeves and preferably carry an umbrella.

Daily Routine and Lifestyle

In today’s hectic life we tend to neglect our selves. We are more prone to stress and exertion. We daily face challenges both at our home and office, to strike a balance between them. Try to take out some time for yourself, go for a summer vacation, engage yourself in your favorite hobby, spend some good time with your family and friends. All these activities have a positive effect on your body and mind.


Exercise is a must in all seasons. For summer it helps to keep our mind and body cool. It aids in weight management. Take any activity of your choice, for example join a gym, yoga, swimming, cycling, jogging.


These were some easy tips to keep you refresh and cooling in the summer heat. I hope you like it. Please ensure to take some time for yourself.  If you have any suggestions do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.

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Skin Care Summer 2015

Skin Care

Skin Care  Guide

Images Courtesy : Wikimedia.Org under Creative Commons License

Images above are for Presentation Purpose only

Hello friends,

Summer is already arrived and we all are fighting it out. NewspapersI magazines and Television shows are now flooded with skin care tips. All these are helpful, but how seriously we follow them. Some of these methods force us to spend without actually knowing the benefit for our body.

Today there is need to rise one step above the wide range of products available in markets. Secondly, carefully study all the features, benefits and side effects to them. Then only invest your hard earned money.  I shall reveal my personal experience in skin care with things available at our home. Finally, we have to change our lifestyle. Lifestyle is such an important part today, if ignored can prove us costly. For this, we first have to change our mindset. Change our attitude, think positively. All these small changes will reap your long term dividends, I can bet on it.

The first challenge we face is summer skin burns. If you are moving out in sun or do field work then sun rays are the first challenge you face. Prolonged exposure to sun rays causes many skin related problems like acne, skin burn, rashed, irritation, redness and others. To minimize or to completely avoid all these problems you have to take some simple steps :

The first step is understand your skin type, whether it is dry or oily. Secondly use a good quality of herbal lotion, sunscreen based and Aloe Vera is an ideal choice, it helps to keep your skin cool. Drink lots of normal temperature water to nourish your skin and compensate loss of water due to heat in body.

Life Style

Lifestyle irregularities are the root cause of all types of problems in our life. In todays world, it is very important to maintain a disciplined and simple lifestyle. As far as skin care is concerned, our lifestyle diet is the number one factor. Wrong eating habits such as too much of junk food, eating at irregular intervals, immobility i.e. sitting at one place for long hours, lack of exercise, too much intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, not having sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables. All these small factors though, if we take proper care and planning can help our skin to remain glowing and healthy. It plays a vital role in anti- ageing.

Natural Air

During summers, one thing we never let off our hand is, remote of our air conditioners. Like whenever possible we prefer to remain in air condition, it may be our home, cars, shopping malls, gyms, offices. This problem is prevalent not only in western countries like U.S.A. or Canada, even in other Asian and African countries. The negative effects of spending long hours in air conditioners are, they reduce moisture levels in air, causing dryness of skin. Then our skin is more vulnerable to skin infections. They also prevents sweating. Sweating is natural way of our body to remove toxins. So, please try to move out of your Ac rooms at least for some times during  the day frequently.  Take a walk, go to the parks, garden.


In summer, make it a rule to bath daily at least once in a day. Water has its natural benefits. It cools our body, keeps it clean, healthy and stress free. Apply little oil or Aloe Vera gel both before and after bath. If your skin is oily, don’t apply after bath. Water will rejuvenate your skin. Avoid using hard soaps, go for good quality mild cleansers or herbal soaps.

Easy Tip

Take  one piece of papaya, smash it, add some drops of lime juice. Make a smooth paste of it. Apply it over your skin, face, hands, legs. Keep it for atleast 15 minutes for good results. Later, wash it with first warm water then cold. See the result you will get a smooth and cleaned skin.


Today we all are victim air pollution . There is smoke and dust almost everywhere. With the increase in number of vehicles, it has added more problems. Air pollution causes allergy, aging of skin and other side effects. To protect our skin use a good quality herbal moisturizer. Once back home take bath. Add some drops of rose water to it.

Easy Tip :

Take 3 table spoon of milk, take a piece of cotton, dip it in milk and apply gently on face. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it with cold water. It will rejuvenate your skin. It removes dust and impurities attached on skin.

 These were some tips on how to keep your skin healthy this summer. If you have any suggestions do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on latest Indian fashion trends.