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Types of Kameez / Kurta

Kurta, Kameez or Kurti is worn by almost all women, no matter how fashionable or simple  she is. Among Indian dresses Kurta is worn in all states. Today, we shall share information on different types of Kurta or Kameez  depending on the design and cut. The kameez gets its elegance from perfect design selected. The pattern you select depends on your face, shoulder, neck and height. So, it is very important that you choose design and kurti patterns carefully. In todays digital era, multiple options of online shopping websites are available to choose your favorite  Kurta designs.  Given below some of the basic types.

 Straight Cut / Long Kurtis

Today, we have dedicated long kurtis online shopping sites selling long kurtis at reasonable prices. You will find it perhaps everywhere. In this type,  kameez  is worn  long / short with  salwar, churidar and patiala. It has slits on both the sides. It is meant for your daily comfort whether you are at home or going for shopping. In salwar suit patterns also you can find this simple yet elegant straight cut pattern. Today all best online shopping sites are loaded with beautiful kurti design, it is  very popular among working women.

Line Cut

This type of pattern resembles with letter A and it is long in length, it is wearable with legging, churidar or salwar. Latest kurtis of attractive kurti designs are available to select from online clothes shopping sites.

 V Shape neckline pattern

This is my best pattern, it makes you look simple still hot. Different type of sequence works can be added for stylish look such as pearls, golden or colored which gives great look to neckline. These stylish kurtis are worn with Patiala or churidar.

Jewel Neckline Pattern

Want to add a more elegant look to your face, try out this jewel neckline pattern as it goes well with your body shape. It goes well with full length anarkalis. Designer kurtis are available with wide range to choose from. Today lifestyle online shopping sites are offering beautiful designs and pattern, customized for its clients.


Anarkali pattern need no introduction. Anarkali suits is any woman’s desire to look stylish and gorgeous. It is usually worn with churidars or salwar depending on the pattern and design. It has frills at the waist or slightly above the waist. Beautiful designer suits are created by fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi and others with latest designs.

 Princess Cut

Yes as the name suggests, the pattern is created to give the lady a princess look and is worn with churidars.The pattern is such that it fits at top and has volume that is higher at A line kameez at bottom. Wide range of designer kurti are available at both expensive and cheap online shopping sites. These girls kurti pattern are easily available at your local market.

 Kameez with yoke

Yoke is an extra piece that is stitched at the neck area. These kurties are usually embroidered and has different shapes and patterns. Today, kurtis online shopping websites also offer choice to select the best kurtis design for different occasions.

 Kameez with gatherings

In this type of kameez the upper part is same as A line kameez whereas the lower part has slight gatherings a few inches below the hips. This type of kameez is usually short. In your nearby markets, kurta for women are offering different patterns to look simple yet elegant.

Kameez with front opening

In this pattern, kurta with collars are stitched with front opening. It is worn with churidar, salwars and patiala. It mostly has a slit at front. It can also be worn with parallel pants. There can be a full length front opening with buttons & hooks or may have opening that is for about 5” approximately and the remaining is stitched. Latest designer kurtis  collection from Indian fashion designers offer you multiple options. These patterns are hot dress code for parties and  social gatherings.

 Neck gathering

This type of kameez has gatherings at the neck and the dress is quite loose. Yet it is comfortable and is latest trend. It can be worn with a belt or band around the waist. You can buy kurtis online to get different designs of kurtis of your choice. Ladies kurta has transformed significantly, to offer you best options for online clothes shopping India.

Shoulder kali

This type of kameez resembles the princess cut in volume and design. The major difference is that the joints start from the shoulders and not the arms. The best part is fitting. It makes you feel comfortable in day to day work. Latest kurti designs are available to make you look gorgeous.


In this pattern of ladies kurti, one part of the top overlaps the other up to the waist or fully. It can be either real overlapping or false overlapping with a small opening at the neck. With designer kurtis online available, you can wear this pattern for functions or party, giving a decent look.

Kameez with kallis

This pattern is famous for marriage and wedding functions, in this type, two or more kallis i.e. additional extra pieces are added to increase the volume of the dress at the lower part. Designer kurties offer you more choices for fashionable kurtis, to make your special moments memorable.

Neck patterns for Kameez / Kurta

Given below are images which you can use for your kurta pattern. These beautiful kurti neck designs will go for all occasions and give a stylish look. Indian kurtis are famous all around the world and I hope these images will offer a variety of choice.

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neck patterns
neck patterns

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Kurta Pajama

Designer Kurta


Kurta Pajama is a traditional Indian wear, worn in India along with other Asian and Arabic countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Dubai, U.A.E. and others.  Its popularity has not been restricted to Asian countries, but even in other parts of the world. It is a loose shirt falling either just above or below the knees. Pajamas are lightweight trouser  fitted with  drawstring  waistbands. Even with the changing times, kurta – pajamas have stood the test of times and has evolved as the hottest Indian costume. You can find people visiting India wearing them. Kurta – pajamas can be worn at various occasions like wedding, casual, ceremonies, party wear. It can be made with various fabrics such as cotton, velvet, silk, Linen, satin, tissue, polyster and many more. Fashion designers have experimented with rich embroidery, printed and woven work and it gives traditional or contemporary look. In the markets, you get Kurta Pajamas in various types such as Sherwani, Achkan, Nehru Jacket, Indo Western, Waist Coat, Angavasthram, Jodhpuri Suit and many other. Wearing Kurta – Pajamas is no longer a traditional wear, it is worn at any other occasions. It is matched with accessories like bracelets, chain and designer footwear. There is no end in which way designers experiment with Kurta – Pajamas. Even today in many fashions shows, you find a mark of it.  The different types of kurta pajama are as follows:


It is a long coat like fabric. It is paired with a pajama. It is made up of heavier fabric. It is worn by muslim grooms in wedding. It is popular even at other occasions like formals, casuals, party etc.


It is a knee length jacket. It is mainly worn by Indians from Punjab, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. It is a wedding costume and worn by grooms. The main difference between sherwani and achkan is that latter is made up of finer and lighter fabrics and normally with line.

Nehru Jacket

It is a hip length coat. It is similar to sherwani or achkan. The major difference is, it is shorter, with a closed collar. It got named after the first prime minister of India Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru.

Jodhpuri Suit

This pattern is like a coat and is paired with trousers.  It also closely resembles to other types of suits as stated above. It has a closed collar. It is made of all types of fabrics silk, cotton and others depending on the occasions. It is very popular wear for formal parties and social gatherings. Designers have crafted attractive designs with good embroidery work on the coat. It is also called as Bandgala in India.

This was a brief attempt to showcase different types of kurta pyjama. It is available at markets and shopping mall and online shopping websites. As stated above, it is available in different designs and patterns. So what are you waiting for, go and grab your first pair of them if you have not tried them. If you have any suggestions do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.


Sonu Nigam in Designer Sherwani
Sonu Nigam in Designer Sherwani

“Sonu at Rafi Resurrected” by Falak11mufc – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –