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Monsoon Skin Care

Monsoon skin care is everybody’s first priority as our skin tends to get oily due to humid and damp climatic conditions. During monsoon fungal skin infections are common. We constantly look for good and easy to follow skin care tips. The common areas of fungal infections are skin folds in groin area, fold under the breast and underarms. One has to regulary take care of skin to avoid these skin ailments to keep our skin areas dry by regularly using anti fungal powder. We even have to take care of our feet in between the toes as it is more prone to fungal and bacterial infections  due to contact with impure rain water. The good way to keep it clean from dust and impurities is to keep you feet immersed in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes with a good antiseptic liquid added to the water. Later clean it with acti-bacterial soap and dry your feet.

As our face gets oily due to humidity one has to regularly wash our face by quality cleansers with a light scrub gently. You even have to wasy your scalp regularly with a good quality PH mild shampoo. One has to cleanse the scalp gently to make your hair healthy and free from damage. Usage of sunscreen is also suggested during monsoon conditions as uv rays can also affect your skin thru cloud.

According to ayurveda, during monsoon there is increase in pitta the functional energy of body which is the main source of metabolism and digestive power for food. Pitta means heat or fire and it includes foods like hot, spicy, greasy and fried. Other acidic foods such as vinegar, citrus fruits like oranges, mosambis, tomato, youghurt should be consumed in moderation.

Some basic precautions during monsoon season are :

Keep your skin dry – during rainy season our skin tends to get wet in outdoors. Damp skin is a breeding ground for fungal infections. Keep a towel or napkin always to dry your feet and skin regularly.

Drink lots of fresh water – avoid caffeneted  and alcoholic drinks, drink 9 to 10 glasses of fresh water. Water is responsible for cleansing our body internally to flush out all toxins and give a clean and healthy skin.

Consume cooling herbs – It gives cooling effects tothe body, like fennel, coriander seeds and Indian gooseberry (amla) for a glowing skin in monsoon. Amla helps to detoxify the liver and aids digestion – and is also a good source of Vitamin C and other minerals. Taking it regularly is a flawless complexion for skin

Drink Wheat grass – Wheatgrass is a tonic for your skin. It will not only benefit in boosting the immune system and help you in  controlling skin disorders in monsoon. Wheatgrass is rich in antioxidants and is instrumental in detoxifying the blood.

Apply Aloe Vera gel – it is  beneficial for the skin as it purifies the blood and helps in rejuvenating the skin. Fresh Aloe Vera gel can be taken in the dose of two or three tablespoons on an empty stomach every day. You can also apply fresh Aloe Vera plant gel on your skin – it has anti-aging, anti-tanning, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Eat Fresh and healthy – avoid unprocessed , processed and packaged  food to keep your body and your skin functioning at an optimum level. Replace junk  foods such as pizzas, noodles, burgers or chips, enjoy your homemade food . Consume  lots of fruits and green vegetables.

Alcohol-based skin cleansers – avoid it, they irritates and dries your skin. Instead use a herbal soap or cleanser regularly to get rid of excess oil, grime and dust, and  to keep you skin free of bacterial infections.

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