Sherwani Buying Guide

Sherwani’s are trendy this wedding season. It is best choice for grooms for wedding functions. With latest designs by fashion designers, it is your style statement. Sherwani’s origin can be found long back since the mughal era. It used to be worn by royal families and upper class people and was a status symbol. Later it was adopted by the masses as their favorite attire. This costume is famous in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. For muslim grooms it is their traditional wedding costume. It is also famous in other parts of the world for its attractive look. Another close variant of sherwani is Achkan. It is worn as a groom costume in different parts of India like, Maharashtra, Punjab and Rajasthan. The major difference between sherwani and achkan is the latter is of lighter fabric and is generally without line.

The main highlight of sherwani is its heavy embroidery, patterns and heavy fabric. This costume has three parts, sherwani, churidar and dupatta. The ranges starts from 2000 INR and above, depending on quality of the fabric and work done. The best part is religion or caste has no barrier for this costume. In India, people of all caste or religion prefer wearing sherwani for their wedding occasion. There are different type of sherwanis. It may be opening from the front  or closed, full length, short length or medium. Sherwani’s are generally worn with churidars. Off late, fashion designers have innovated its look and even pants or jeans can be worn with it. Different types of embroidery and stylish patterns are done like stone work, dabkeh, glass work, hand work or machine embroidery. You can suggest your designer to get the best work done of your choice. Artistic designs are crafted at bottom of churidar, sleeves, neck collars and at dupatta. Buying a good sherwani is not easy. There are several factors to be taken care of.

Things to watchout while buying a sherwani


It is the base of your sherwani. Go for good quality fabric, if you are wearing it for your wedding day. The good embroidery work and patten will naturally complement with each other if fabric is of good quality. It is your one time investment.


The trend seen in wedding now days is that both bride and groom match colors of their costumes. Generally, you can go for colors like dark grey, purple, white, blue as these are very photo friendly colors and really looks goods in albums.



Fitting is the most important. Generally for saving time, we buy readymade costumes. But be careful. If you are short heighted, with bloated tummy then think twice and take a proper trial. Brands are now even offering customized fitting to their clients


Make sure that your sherwani complements your total look. It means your embroidery work, design color choice of sherwani, churidar, dupatta, pagadi (worn by grooms on their head) and footwear i.e. mojari (generally worn with churidar). If the design of your sherwani is simple the mojari should not be of heavy embroidery or prints.


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