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Salwar Kameez

After saree, salwar kameez suit is the most popular Indian dresses. It is also popular in among all Asian countries. Now days, it has become style trends in many western and European countries. Thanks to our fashion designers. They have crafted a blend of rich designs and fabrics. Fashion shows have contributed immensely to its popularity. After salwar suits other popular variants are kaftans, lehenga choli dress, anarkali suits, ghagara choli etc.

The best part is, shalwar kameez can be worn by both man and women. Islamic countries are good example of it. They are worn in form of loose pajamas like trouser. The kameez is in form of a shirt or tunic. In this dress, salwar is a pajama which is tied to the waist by a string and it tapers the ankles. The kameez is a long / short / flared / straight and is worn over the shalwar. This dress has sleeves till the wrist, collar, buttons on front side. The third and most important part is dupatta. The dress is not complete without it. Dupatta / chunni is a important part of women salwar suits. It gives an attractive look to your whole personality. Fashion designers have wisely used it, to give best look. Dupattas are plain, printed, embroidered with lace work, and many exciting designs are made.

There are many types of salwar kameez, broadly we can classify them in following categories.

Indian Salwar Kameez

Just as you read above, Indian salwar Kameez is the simplest pattern. Traditionally, worn since long time, it is kameez (top) worn over salwar (pant). It has sleeves till wrist, collar, front side buttons, slits on sides and a dupatta. In every part of India, you will find this pattern. It is a popular daily wear dress. It is very comfortable, affordable and flexible. Cotton is the highly preferred fabric. Other fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, crepe, silk etc are also very popular. Various patterns and design are available in markets and online shopping sites in India.

Kurta or Kurti Pattern

As the time changed so did the dressing style. In late 80’s, fashion of wearing short form of Kameez started gaining popularity. Thanks to our new breed of fashion designers and marketing by online shopping websites. With the growth of working women, there was a need for a clothing pattern to make them feel comfortable and stylish. Thus, this short variant of kameez served the purpose. There is no compulsion of having a duptatta / chunni. Instead of salwar, it can be comfortably worn with your favorite jeans, cotton trousers. The best part is you can have any type of mix n match combinations. You can get beautiful embroidery designs, lace work, zari, designer prints and many more. It gives you the full freedom to be creative. The length of the kurti falls a foot or two below your waist. It goes well with fabrics like cotton, nylon, silk, georgette and others.

Churidar Kameez

In this pattern, the excess length of salwar i.e. churidar forms in folds. At the ankles takes shape of set of bangles. The name churidar is arrived from churi means bangle and dar means like. It is a unisex dress. It is worn with kameez by ladies and kurta by men. The main difference in salwar kameez and churidar kameez is the churidar. Salwar is replaced by churidar. It is a form of tightly fitting trouser. The main highlight is stretching of churidar. It is cut in big length and at the bottom it is tightly fitted with a button at the ankle. They appear to be skinny. Comparatively, it fits more to the lower half part of the body. It is a good match for heighted women. Fat women should avoid it. It is a trend setting pattern. In late 60’s and 70’s, it was like a wave. Movie heroines were seen in this pattern. Now fashion designers have added rich flavor of design and colors. All type of fabric like cotton, silk, georgette, nylon etc. goes well this pattern.

Parallel Salwar Kameez

It is a more stylish form of salwar kameez dress. Similar to kurta pattern, the kameez is short. The shortness of kameez is upto individual choice. The salwar takes form of body fitting pants, to fit through hips / thighs. In this pattern, you have your own creativity. Ask your designer / tailor for a pattern and he will get it done. It is mostly seen in Indian wedding functions. You can get embroidery designs, zari or lace work and many more. It really goes well with slim and tall women. With right combination of jewellery and accessories, you can steal the show at any function.

Designer salwar suits

We need no introduction for this. As we all know, nowadays the full focus is on fashion world. Fashion designers in India and across the globe have come out with amazing designs, patterns, colors and fabrics. Designer salwar kameez is in good demand. When you visit shopping websites of e-commerce players such as amazon, flipkart, snapdeal etc., you will get infinite choices. You can have them for any occasions like formal, daily wear, wedding etc.

Pajama salwar kameez

It is also called pencil suit pattern. In this, the salwar is not lengthy as compared to the traditional pattern, and it is not wrinkling around the ankle. The length is short at the lower leg. In this pattern also you can try different combinations of designs, patterns, colors and embroidery work. It is mostly worn by fat women to look slim. All types of fabrics go well with this pattern. You can even have a printed dupatta to complement your dress.

Patiala salwar kameez

Patiala is the name of a place in Punjab, India. It is a traditional pattern in this part of India. Due to its amazing look, design and comfort, it is now popular everywhere. The kameez is short. In this pattern, the salwar is pleated, loose, embroidered at leg / ankle. It is a great choice for wedding functions. It is worn with dupatta. In India due to hot climate, cotton is the natural choice of fabric. Other fabrics is also chosen for special occasions.

Party Wear Suits

This is the new innovation by our fashion designers. There was a desire to have something special to wear for your special occasion or social gatherings. Different types of designs and patterns are tried and tested. Dresses are customized as per individual requirements. Technology has played an important role in creating great designs and patterns.


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