Pant Patterns

There are different types of pant patterns available. Each of them has their distinctive look and style. Before looking into them let’s look at the important part of your pant dressing i.e. fitting. The fitting of your pant decides how good appearance is. The following brief can be informative for both men and women.

Pant fitting

A perfect fitting of your pant makes you look more presentable and stylish. The fitting has to be perfect from waist till your foot. If we are getting  pants stitched by tailor, he ensures everything is perfect i.e. your waist, inseam and length. Nowadays the trend is shifting. More men are opting for online shopping websites, thanks to good discounts offered by them or due to good deals from shopping malls. Shopping from these sources is normally instant. We try out a particular pant, if it looks goods, we buy it. There are some points, if you consider them while trying out pants, I bet you will get a perfect fitting pant. They are as follows:


This is your starting point. Take a measuring tape, put on a tight pair of shorts then hold the tape tightly against top of inner thigh under the crotch and then get the measurement done. Then check your inseam size measured with the standard sizes. Ideally you should prefer a little longer inseam. It adds to your comfort level.


This is another important area of your pant fitting. The waist size should be comfortable. You have to judge the waist area, where you place your pant, before taking a measurement of it. It should not be too loose or tight. Loose pants will give shabby look and tight waist will make you uncomfortable. Take a measuring tape and place it at little below the navel area and cover it fully about the waist till it overlap each other and round it to the measured half inch. Now that you got the exact measurement of your pant, check it with the standard sizes available.



Now coming to the third and last part of your pant fitting. The length will depend on what type of length pattern you want. There are traditional simple types and fancy new patterns.
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Simple or straight

In this pattern the width of the pant is same from knee till ankle. It is comfortable and ideal for our daily wear as it has a wider leg opening.

Boot Cut

In this pattern you have a wider opening of the leg. Jeans pants are best example of this pattern. Even in pants in late 70’s and 80’s it was a big hit.


In this pattern the length of pant is cropped much lower down the leg and is between mid-calf and ankle.


They are similar to cropped pants. The only difference is that they are crop in between the mid calf and knee.

Tapered pattern

In late 60’s this pattern was widely followed. Now again this trend is back. Many youngsters are following this pattern. They get increasingly fine from hip to the ankle.

Jeggings Pattern

These are skin tight fitting. These pattern are used in stretchable denim fabrics. The fabric is as such is very flexible and even due to its tight fitting, it is comfortable.


These were some basic tips for getting a perfect fitting of your pant for a smarter look. Different brands have different fitting standards. Each of them may vary from each other. Any pattern you choose, comfort should be your first priority. Again the pattern can be selected depending on your occasion like casual, formal, wedding and others. If you have any suggestions do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.