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Skin Care Tips

Skin Care

Monsoon Skin Care

Monsoon skin care is everybody’s first priority as our skin tends to get oily due to humid and damp climatic conditions. During monsoon fungal skin infections are common. We constantly look for good and easy to follow skin care tips. The common areas of fungal infections are skin folds in groin area, fold under the breast and underarms. One has to regulary take care of skin to avoid these skin ailments to keep our skin areas dry by regularly using anti fungal powder. We even have to take care of our feet in between the toes as it is more prone to fungal and bacterial infections  due to contact with impure rain water. The good way to keep it clean from dust and impurities is to keep you feet immersed in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes with a good antiseptic liquid added to the water. Later clean it with acti-bacterial soap and dry your feet.

As our face gets oily due to humidity one has to regularly wash our face by quality cleansers with a light scrub gently. You even have to wasy your scalp regularly with a good quality PH mild shampoo. One has to cleanse the scalp gently to make your hair healthy and free from damage. Usage of sunscreen is also suggested during monsoon conditions as uv rays can also affect your skin thru cloud.

According to ayurveda, during monsoon there is increase in pitta the functional energy of body which is the main source of metabolism and digestive power for food. Pitta means heat or fire and it includes foods like hot, spicy, greasy and fried. Other acidic foods such as vinegar, citrus fruits like oranges, mosambis, tomato, youghurt should be consumed in moderation.

Some basic precautions during monsoon season are :

Keep your skin dry – during rainy season our skin tends to get wet in outdoors. Damp skin is a breeding ground for fungal infections. Keep a towel or napkin always to dry your feet and skin regularly.

Drink lots of fresh water – avoid caffeneted  and alcoholic drinks, drink 9 to 10 glasses of fresh water. Water is responsible for cleansing our body internally to flush out all toxins and give a clean and healthy skin.

Consume cooling herbs – It gives cooling effects tothe body, like fennel, coriander seeds and Indian gooseberry (amla) for a glowing skin in monsoon. Amla helps to detoxify the liver and aids digestion – and is also a good source of Vitamin C and other minerals. Taking it regularly is a flawless complexion for skin

Drink Wheat grass – Wheatgrass is a tonic for your skin. It will not only benefit in boosting the immune system and help you in  controlling skin disorders in monsoon. Wheatgrass is rich in antioxidants and is instrumental in detoxifying the blood.

Apply Aloe Vera gel – it is  beneficial for the skin as it purifies the blood and helps in rejuvenating the skin. Fresh Aloe Vera gel can be taken in the dose of two or three tablespoons on an empty stomach every day. You can also apply fresh Aloe Vera plant gel on your skin – it has anti-aging, anti-tanning, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Eat Fresh and healthy – avoid unprocessed , processed and packaged  food to keep your body and your skin functioning at an optimum level. Replace junk  foods such as pizzas, noodles, burgers or chips, enjoy your homemade food . Consume  lots of fruits and green vegetables.

Alcohol-based skin cleansers – avoid it, they irritates and dries your skin. Instead use a herbal soap or cleanser regularly to get rid of excess oil, grime and dust, and  to keep you skin free of bacterial infections.

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Monsoon fashion

Monsoon has arrived officially and has taken every one by surprise. The beginning has been with a bang and a lot more is expected further. Normally in monsoon some people like to go out and enjoy the splashes of rainy season. Some prefer to stay indoors. Generally many of us have no choice as we have to go out for our office work, shopping etc.

Monsoon wear

One should avoid wearing wearing heavy clothes like sarees, denim jeans, shararas etc. and one should start wearing light clothes or fabrics. Heavy fabrics takes longer time to dry and if you get wet, it makes you feel uncomfortable. There are also chances of getting sick. The best clothes suggested for rainy season are georgette, chiffon, lycra and silk. So even if you get wet these costumes get quickly dry.

To avoid getting fully wet switch to full body rainy jackets and pants over umbrella. Compared to umbrella there are less chances of getting wet in rainy full length raincoats.

Monsoon dresses are now designed by fashion designers to make you look stylish and hot. Capris, cotton short pants, short denim jeans are exclusively designed and are available at markets and online shopping sites. You get good deals thru monsoon sale for kids and children. Today monsoon clothing shopping is easy. Sitting at your home you can order online and get them delivered at your door steps, no need to go monsoon outlet, get wet.

In monsoon the most important changes you have to make is with your footwear. Keep aside your pair of leather and velvet footwears. In markets or online shopping sites you get exclusive range of rainy footwear especially made for monsoon. You get them in various prints, designs, sizes and colors. You can select any of them which goes well with your monsoon dresses.

Next is your monsoon accessorize. Today you have ample choices of smart accessories. From hats, shoes, raincoats, jackets, water proof bags, umbrellas belts and many more. These are available in attractive designs and colors for kids, children, men and women. Umbrellas are the one accessories you never forget to carry. Today we have all type of umbrellas from plain to designer and fancy ones with cartoon character for kids.

One important accessories which you care for most is your wrist watch. You always fear of getting them wet or get spoiled in monsoon. The best option is to temporarily replace it with water proof watches. They are bit expensive but it’s a worth one time investment. There are different price ranges of these watches starting from minimum INR 1500 and above. You get attractive and fancy designs as per latest fashion trends for all age group. It is also an good idea to gift your loved ones.

For womens who are concerned of their makeup. They have to take some extra care. Opt for beauty and makeup products that are oil free and waterproof. Today top makeup brands take extra care to get the best combination especially for monsoon. Right from eyeliners, lipsticks, kajal you get excellent choices from top brands like L’oreal, Lakeme, Elle 18, Maybelline and others.


During monsoon you have to take care of your favorite gadgets. Your mobile phone is the most important gadget today. Today we get nice colorful and stylish waterproof covers. The best part is they are available in all price ranges. You can easily change them daily matching with your dresses. During monsoon the humidity in the air spoils the mobile phone, so it is important to have a proper cover.

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Womens Dresses


Womens Dresses – Party Wear Gown

We all love to party. At weekends and occasionally we catch up with our friends and relatives for enjoying, dancing and a few cocktails the night away. One thing we give our first preference is what dress to wear at the party. It should go with the theme of the party. If it is with your close friends you can choose to be more casual and trendy. Right now gowns are seen as hot trend in party wear circuit.

For womens dresses in gowns also we have a variety of choices like party wear gown with sleeves, stylish patterns, designs, designer party wear dresses, long gown and many more. If you have a good gown in your wardrobe then you can try it out. Simply you can visit any nearby shopping mall, market or surf for dress online shopping sites.

Today online shopping websites are offering good choices of variety in dresses for different occasions like casual, evening, marriage ceremonies and formal wear. The range is very good and is available in different fabric materials like cotton, silk, chiffon, crepe, net, synthetic, georgette, velvet etc.

The best part is they are available in all customized sizes from sxs to 5xl. So any body type person can easily get his favorite dress. Moreover the color options are many. For party wear black, red and blue is the dress code.

In selecting the sleeve pattern one has to be careful. Generally for parties’  sleevless dresses are worn. The other options you can give a try for party wear gowns are ¾ sleeve, short sleeve, cap sleeve, half sleeve and long sleeve.

The final stage is the length of your party wear gown or dress. Here again take care, you get it perfect. If you are tall then short length or mini can make you look hot. If you are a bit conservative then go for knee-long length. Other eye catching length is midi or maxi as they suit to both short and heighted women.

These were some smart tips on buying a perfect party wear gown. Wearing a dress should be individual decision. There are no set rules in fashion world. As we observe the dresses celebrities wear or endorse become trend. You should wear dress you feel good and comfortable. Avoid copying others, although taking inspiration from other is fine. Try to create your own style statement. The desire of every woman is to stand out from the crowd at any type of party and your selection of designer party dresses reflects it. One should not simply copy the latest trends but reinvent them and your own twist in them. All this simple care will ensure you benefit from a stylish dress which others don’t have.

Finally go for selecting the best pair of accessories, jewelry, makeup, shoes perfect for your party.

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Glossary of Indian Costumes


There was request from my readers to give a brief on glossary of Indian costumes. In today’s post there is a collection of them. If you are buying traditional Indian costumes for the first time, you may be confused about some terms used. Even some of us doing regular shopping may not be absolute sure of the terms used. It is an effort to give a brief description of important terms.

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It is a ling knee length jacket for men.


An Indian women’s costume. Made up of a long, frock-style top.


Anchal or pallu, usually more thickly decorated than the body and it is the end piece of a saree.


It is an type of silk sari from Banarasi city in Utter Pradesh, India.


Are small motifs of threadwork besides a plain ground and usually put in a customary order.

Block print

The blocks are normally hand carved from wood and printed on the cloth in repeat patterns.


Saree with edge, along with the top and bottom lengths of the fabric material.


It is an traditional Indian saree made in city chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Chaniya choli

It is a traditional clothing of women in Gujarat and Rajasthan, India. It is a combination of different outfits such as lehenga, a stiff choli, and dupatta.


A continuous sew up embroidery from the state of Uttar Pradesh at Lucknow.


The sari is worn with a alike or different blouse called a choli. It is a form-fitting top with short sleeves.


It is an tightly fitting pant worn by both men and women in India.


It is an traditional Indian men’s costume.


It is a light weight and soft weave that is more or less clear.


The word gharchola indicate “from the home” – a typically patterned sari style from Gujarat and Rajasthan with large zari checks and bandhni tie-dye work.


It is a tool for weaving textiles. It is handmade process of weaving a saree.


The threads are first dyed in patterns and then strung up on loom so that the patterns emerge as the cloth is woven. Also known as bandhna in Orissa, India.


It is an extremely ornamented cloth in which the design is incorporated into the weave as a substitute of being printed or dyed on.


A style of hand drawing with dyes on cloth.


It is a for handspun and hand-woven garment.


It is a machine used for weaving fabric.


A saree called in Maharashtra.


An stable and simple plain weave fabric that is woven from slightly irregular fibers, producing a soft and supple cloth that is absorbent and comfortable in the heat.


Another word for end piece or anchal, it is the ornamental end piece of the sari.


A type of silk saree in Maharashtra.


It is an traditional women’s costume worn along with saree. It is also called as Parker or ghagara.


When draping the sari, most of the fabric length is taken up in a series of pleats and then centrally tucked in the petticoat, at the waist. The pleats permit easier walking and give the garment its elegant look.


Resham work

It is embroidery done with coloured silk thread.

Resist dying

Usage of blocks to print cloth with wax before immersing in the dye.


A long coat like costume, similar to ackan.

Thread count

Number of picks or threads per linear inch.


embroidery created by the weaving of different colored threads other than zari.


An ancient technique of tying cloth in patterns before dipping it in a dye bath. Rajasthan and Gujarat are famous for their brilliant tie-dyes called Bandhni sarees.


Different styles of sarees that are traditional to the village of their origin. Tribal prints are rough, geometric and bold.


It is created from a combination of natural and man-made components, has a silky appearance and feel, and has the ability to breathe in a manner similar to cotton.


It means Lengthwise fibers of the cloth.


the widthwise fibers of the cloth.


An embroidery that has glittering ornate and heavily encrusted with gold thread work.


It is a thread traditionally made of fine gold or silver used in traditional Indian garments.


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Fashion Workshop

Silk Sarees

We at fashionanytime are looking for good events, fashions shows, exhibition cum sale. In summer we have some spare time and look for some good time out. We can use this spare time for fun with some interesting learning activity to enhance our skills. Given below are some upcoming Fashion Workshop & Exhibition in the city of Bangalore, India.

Print and Pattern – Block Printing

It is an hand block printing workshop organized by Pooja Gokul.


Kynkyny Art – Bengaluru

#104, Embassy Square, 148, Infantry Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560001.

Wed, 27 May 2015

11:00 AM

₹ 1800 per person

This block printing workshop is conducted by Pooja Gokul who is an artist and art educator from Bangalore.  she has successfully organized workshops. Her specialization is into painting and has teaching experience at the Cambridge syllabus at the International School Bangalore and Trio World School. She has done her Bachelors of Visual Arts degree from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat. She has mastered the art of contemporary portraits  by using traditional techniques and materials, along with hand block prints.

The main highlight of the event is, you will get on hand experience and learn the technique of block printing on paper and different types of fabric materials. As we all know the art of hand block printing is the oldest and is an ancient Indian textile tradition. Unlike many other dying traditions, this beautiful technique has been preserved over the years. You must have seen them on different fabrics with some  beautiful designs and patterns. In this workshop pooja will give you a brief on origin and technique of hand block printing, and also how the blocks are made along with  the social symbolism of different motifs. All the materials required for learning block printing is provided. You have to carry your own fabric material preferably cotton in white color. You can get kurtas, t-shirts, napkins, shorts etc.

Startup Weekend Women’s Edition: SHE Bangalore

It is a 54 hour workshop and the idea is to bring empowered women entrepreneurs who are in the process of learning foundation startups and launching successful ventures. It may me any venture you are interested in like fashion, beauty, food and hospitality etc. The purpose is to gather women who come together to learn, network and bridge the gap between trades. SHE is a special women’s edition of Startup Weekend partnered with HenIndia (Her Entrepreneurial Network) to assemble a host of the most talented, enterprising women of Bangalore for 3 days of  business model creation, coding, designing and market validation.

Venue Details

Workbench Projects
52, Racecourse Rd High Grounds, Sampangi Rama Nagar Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Fri, 29 May 2015 till 31 May, 2015

6:30 PM

₹ 1000 per person

For further details refer to website below:

These were details of some interesting events and exhibitions in the city of Bengaluru. Both these events cum exhibition are very interesting and I hope you will enjoy it. I always look out for a combination of fun with creativity. By attending such events you will not only have a great time but in the process learn something new in your life.

 If you want to list any event or exhibition in your city, do contact us for listing. If you have any suggestions do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.

Artificial Jewelry


 Artificial Jewelry Buying Guide

If you are regularly following my posts, till now you must have got a glimpse of what Indian dressing is about. It may be and saree, salwar kameez, kurta, Anarkali or western clothing like tops, jeans, skirts etc. After selecting a best outfit for your special occasion, you have to get the right accessories for your costume. You have to ensure that everything is perfect and the accessories like your jewelry, earrings, bangles purses, footwear all are perfect and goes well with the dress.

Today we will focus our attention on artificial jewellery. They are any women’s best friend. I still never forget to check out the latest trend in jewelry whenever I visit local market or shopping malls. Today we have good options from online shopping websites. We get good deal of discounts and varieties and all these with just a click. Online shopping has revolutionized the way we do shopping.  Wearing jewellery depends on a number of factors such as your height, weight, face, skin complexion etc. It also depends on occasion you want to wear it. It may be for wedding, party, office wear, formal meetings etc.

Accessories for wedding or marriages and party

For weddings, parties or social gatherings, if you are planning to wear salwar kurta or kameez, you can wear light jewellery that goes well with your dress. Heavy jewellery should be avoided.

If you are opting for saree, then  you can wear heavy jewelry. As saris adds glitter to heavy jewelry. If the occasion is special even gold and diamond is a good choice.

From safety and budget point of view, today we have heavy artificial jewelry that gives shine and look of any gold or diamond set. Try them out they are safe and can be preserved for some years.

For marriages if you opting for lehengas, chaniya choli or sharara than prefer heavy and color matching jewelry. Even for formal parties and get together women are wearing traditional costumes to look hot and different along with a matching pair of accessories.

Accessories for casual costumes

If you are preferring to wear casual or western costumes like shorts, tops, jeans, skirts and others over traditional dresses again keep the occasion in mind and then go for it.

If the occasion is a family gathering or get together go for simple yet good looking accessories like your bangles, bracelets or jewelry. Don’t opt for too heavy ones. For example, go for artificial bangles  over glass one. The color or your bangles or bracelet should match your costume to add a classy touch. It is also a trend to wear pair of bangles in one hand.

If the occasion is a wedding or marriage, then go for glass bangles or gold and diamond bracelet. As in marriages we commonly see women’s give close attention to what the other women is wearing. So you have to wear the best accessories you have to look the best.


These were some easy tips on selecting the best accessories. They are available at markets and shopping mall and online shopping websites. As stated above, it is available in different sizes, designs and patterns. So what are you waiting for, go and grab your favorite pair of them if you have not tried them. If you have any suggestions do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.