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Lipstick is the essential Make-up  for  Women. It is a womens favourite beauty products such as eyeliner, kajal and others, a must in makeup kit. Even if you are in a hurry one never forgets to put on her lipstick. As  the name itself suggests lipstick – cosmetics, is applied to the Lips. As the range of the lipstick shades like  mascara, lip gloss, lip balm and others available in the Market are many. Each Woman has her own style & lipstick brand.  Applying  lipstick can give a charismatic change to ones look. lipsticks nowadays are available in every color such as pink, red, nude, maroon etc.  there are a different type of lipstick available today such as Moisturizing, Cream, Matte, Satin or sheer, Anti-aging, Pearl, Mineral, Metallic, Long-wearing,  Lip liquid etc. each of them have their different roles in beauty & makeup. Take lot of caution before buying it, since it will be in direct contact with your skin and could irritate it if there is inbalance of chemical composition. Buy lipsticks from only reliable brands whose products those are tried & tested. One can shop for cosmetics online for brands such as lakme lipstick, Revlon, maybelline, colorbar,   L’Oreal Paris, Elle 18 to name a few. Buying any one cosmetics brands is not easy.

 The most common ingredient of a Lipstick is moisturizer & sunscreen. moisturizer prevents the Lips getting dried due to external conditions. sunscreen helps in preventing the damage done to the Lips by Sun rays. Thus skin care is very important. This does not add to the color or feeling of the Lipstick. Brands have come out with the all day lipsticks that stay as they are applied throughout the day and never smear or peel off even if you drink or eat. It is best suited for professional and working women. That’s all for now folks, in my next post we shall share in more depth about lipsticks. If you have any comment or interesting facts to share do write to me and if you enjoyed reading this post, please share it on your social sites. Till then have a nice time.


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