Eyeliner is our daily cosmetics for eye make / fashion up along with kajal, to create the look of a wider or smaller eyes. Its primary purpose is to get the lashes look lush and draw attention to the eye so that it  enhances beauty or even changes the eye’s shape. Large variety of makeup kit are available today if you search google for cosmetics online. But which eyeliner to buy ? how to apply eyeliner ? or how to do makeup?  is a matter especially for starters. We lookup to beauty blog or friends for how to do eye makeup or eye makeup tips.  Eye liner an essential part of makeup kit, it is  a fashion style to create gorgeous looks and highlight different features of the eyes. Eyeliners are applied at various parts of the eye for charismatic looks. It may be a winged eyeliner or tight lined at the waterline. How to put eyeliner is an art,  eye liner is usually drawn above, below lower lashes, both and even on the water lines of eyes. Different ranges and eyeliner styles are available such as  common black, brown, grey,  pastels, frosty silvers, white, gold and others.  If lady has  blonde hair, use a brown eyeliner for daily wear. If you have dark hair, use black eyeliner  regularly. Finally, its individual choice how to use eyeliner for best look.


There are three main groups of eyeliners  gel/liquid liners, cream liners, and pencil eyeliner. All give different styles of eye fashion. Gel eyeliners are available with thinner brush tips that allow you to draw a smooth and precise line. Cream liners are better to apply, for some brands you need a  firm angle brush to apply the cream liner in a straight line across the eye. To apply the liner, put the brush in the container, make sure to get required solution on brush. You can apply the amount of it to suit your face. pencil eyeliner are best for daily use as it works well with all types of eye shadows. A  black or brown pencil eyeliner is preferred for fair skin, light or dark brown eyeliner is suggested as to line the inside waterline bottom lashline on the eye. white pencil liner can be used along the waterline to make the eyes seem bigger. You can try them and decide the best eyeliners for you.


For beginners, it takes a while to  know which type of eyeliner is best. One has to execute certain angle & pressure to get  the right look. If something goes wrong use a wet Q-tip to remove the excess liner. Water proof eyeliner are best suggested as it stays throughout the day. One tip for increasing the life of liquid liner, store it in fridge. Certain other important points such as wash brushes regularly with makeup remover or a mild gel shampoo. The pencil should be sharp, if not it is difficult to trace your eye. Use of sweat-proof eyeliner is advised. Try drawing the wing first, as it is easy to color in. For dry skin one will have a problem smudging, so use a very light cold cream on your face and then wipe it off before applying. It  leaves some moisture to allow the pigment to move over the skin surface. Applying  powder eyeliner over a pencil helps the eyeliner to stay in place and  softening the look.


Kajal or surma is another name for Kohl an eye cosmetic in use since ancient times in several parts of Asia and Africa. It is  used for lining of eyes. It used to darken eye lids and  to make eyelashes look blacker. Kajal is available as a powder, liquid, pencil to apply directly around the eyes. Kajal is also inserted inside the eyes, to have a cooling effect. It is believed that with use of  Kajal increases vision and cures eye ailments.

What is the difference between Kajal and Eyeliner?

The main difference is Kajal is put inside the eyes whereas eyeliner is applied outside to reshape eyes.

Kajal is available in form of pencils, powder and liquid (earlier small boxes) whereas eyeliner is available in pencil as well as powder and liquid.


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