Handbags or stylish purses are every woman’s desire. Along with other essential assets in her wardrobe you will find a rich collection of handbags of different types of colors, patterns and designs. Apart from a style statement they are a daily necessity. Women ensure their handbags complement with their costumes, makeup and shoes. They are willing to pay any price for the right combination. Handbags are carried for all types of occasions from daily use to formals, marriage occasions, parties and evening night outs.

There is always a desire for classic handbags that other woman’s don’t have. Today in shopping malls, markets and online shopping websites we have a good choice of quality handbags from both branded and unbranded names. Buying a good quality handbags take a little extra effort. You have to keep in mind certain points before selecting them to get full value for your hard earned money. Daily designers launch attractive new styles and patterns of handbags in the market. The choice is not so simple.

Keeping some basic points on handbags selection you can get a perfect one for you.


This should be your primary factor in selecting handbags. Depending on your budget, they are available in leather, plastic, synthetic etc. leather bags have always been in good demand due to their quality, appearance and long life. In leather bags you have hard and soft ones. Durability of material is the prime factor as it will last longer. Italian leather is the natural choice for its strong and durability reason. Once you hold the leather in your hand, you can feel the leather quality.


Now you have decided the material for your favorite handbag. Next step is to decide the style, pattern and size. Daily we have launches from brands in attractive style and you can surely get a hand on your desired handbag. Depending on your occasion, costume requirement you can go for long, short, square, fancy design.


The color selection is the most head shaking exercise for any women. It is very vital as all the efforts you have put till now in selecting the best handbag will go in vain if the color combination is not perfect. Now depending on your occasion requirement you can go for color selection.  For daily use a combination of light and dark colors will do well. For formals or office use light colors are preferred such as white, sky blue, and black. For party and marriage occasions you can choose dark colors like red, blue, and orange, pink. In case of soft leather you have to be a bit cautious as it is harder to maintain as it may get stained and sometimes even ripped. It is advisable to go for a darker color as compared to lighter ones. Stains in dark color bags don’t get easily noticed.

These were some basic and simple tips for buying handbags. They are the most common requirement of any woman desiring good and stylish handbags. If you find this article helpful, please share with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.