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When we visit hair salon for getting hairstyles done, our first attention goes to the look of our hair. Even normally throughout the day, we don’t miss to have a look at our hair. it may be men or women, hair look has been your first concern. All we desire is a long, beautiful and thick black hair. The common question we ask to our hairdresser is how to grow hair faster or are concerned of our hair growth. Hair  loss is the common problem we all face. Cosmetics brands are aware of this and it is the reason they have introduced different types of hair care products.

There are a number of factors that determines the quality and health of your hair. Some people are genetically gifted of good hair, while some are not. Still if we take proper care and give good nourishment to our hair, there are more chances of having a good hair growth. You don’t have to do anything great.  Some little changes in your diet and lifestyle and within a short time you will get some positive results. But patience is the key. Following are the basic steps to follow:

Hair Type

First, know the type of hair quality or natural hair you have. Generally, we don’t give much attention to this part. It is either normal, dry, oily or combination of both. We have to treat each of them differently.

Normal Hair

Normal hairs are neither extremely dry nor oily. They are easy to maintain. Take a hair bath of three or four days a week with a good quality shampoo preferably sulfate free shampoo.

Dry hair

You have to take some extra care in maintaining dry hair. Their appearance is lifeless, get damaged and break easily. To correct this fault, pay little more attention to your diet. Have sufficient intake of vitamins and protein rich diet.

Oily Hair

The appearance of this type of hair is shinier. If you rub your hands at your head, you will feel wet fingers. The reason for such condition of hair may be genetic or having diet rich of fats and starch. The best way to control is to have low fat diet. Consume less oil and starch food in moderation.

Apart from above listed reason your hair quality depends on your age, water quality, stress level, pollution, and climatic conditions of your region and lifestyle.

Given below are some simple hair care tips:

Drink plenty of fresh and normal temperature water. Avoid alcohol, aerated and caffeine drinks.

In your daily diet include sprouts, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits such as almond, walnut or any type of nuts  and fresh fruits.

Have fresh fruit juices avoid packaged one.

Do regularly head massage with any good quality  oil preferably an herbal, ayurvedic or almond oil. It not only nourishes your hair but also gives a cooling effect.

Now a day’s it’s been trend to color hair but be careful of the brand you use and should be done in moderation.

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