Diwali Shopping Offers 2015

Diwali offers 2015

Shopping for diwali is always a fun and excitement for most of us. Great offers are available at almost all online shopping sites, shopping malls and your nearby markets. This diwali sale will be more grand and special due to Diwali dhamaka sale by various online shopping sites. There seems to be war among these flurrying online shopping sites. There will be flood of discount offers, special offers, exciting clothing deals and best discount deals on the shelf for all type of customers.

Happy Diwali
Happy Diwali

So what are your plans for shopping this diwali festival? It is the right time now to make a wish list of all your desired costumes and accessories along with gifts for your near and dear ones. So without much await, let’s chart down a list of wishes this diwali season:

Clothes and Apparels for Diwali

Since childhood every year I used to wait for deepawali festival. One simple reason, my parents used to take me for shopping in busy markets for clothes, accessories, sweets and crackers. In earlier times choices were limited, but now with the power of internet you have the whole market at your finger tip. Just make a wish, click it and get goods delivered right at your door step.

Dressing for diwali has to be special. The dress code is traditional. It goes with the flavor of festival mood. With the infusion of western culture in our society, we seldom give a full go at our traditional Indian couture. Festivals are the perfect occasions to flaunt our Indian tradition. You have various options for both men and women such as ethnic wear, traditional sarees, salwar kameez and anarkalis. But sarees will remain the first choice for women and kurta pajama for men.

Fashion designers have crafted elegant new designs since they have a blend of both traditional values and modern style statement. Check out various online shopping sites such as flipkart, snap deal, Amazon and many others for your perfect costumes.

Accessories for Diwali

Once you have figured out perfect costume for deepawali next destination by default is accessories. You look is not stylish unless you have a perfect match of earrings, bangles, necklace; toe ring etc. diwali is a festival of colors and lights. You can have the privilege of wearing heavy jewellery and accessories made of gold, diamonds, silver and artificial jewellery. It all depends on your budget, choice and comfort. Traditionally Indian women prefer wearing gold jewellery for the auspicious occasion of Goddess Laxmi Puja. If you are not comfortable with wearing gold jewellery, you can opt for artificial jewellery which are less expensive and are lighter in weight compared to gold. Yet they look classy and trendy with wide range of designs and sizes to match your personality and costume. Diwali shopping offers 2015 is available on all online shopping sites. Make the most of it.

Makeup for Diwali

The third and the most important stage is your makeup. Your total look is complete without appropriate makeup. It is the essence of any women for looking good and beautiful. Nowadays even men have a go at saloons & parlors to get a perfect look. Today, men are equally beauty conscious and are not far behind from women and don’t mind shelling extra bucks for that great look. Depending on your budget you can visit any nearby saloon / parlor or you can even try some basic makeup tips at your home itself. Today, you have the help of various YouTube videos and online free tutorials on do it yourself makeup at home from basic to advanced ones. All you need is some basic stuff (eye primer, kajal, eye lashes, lipstick, gel eyeliner, lip pencil, lip gloss etc.) for doing makeup yourself. You can also take help of your friends.

Most of us are vary of shelling big bucks on our makeup and skin care. But don’t worry due to price war and discounts by all online shopping sites; you can easily have branded makeup kits at affordable prices. Do regularly keep a watch on these sites for exciting discounts.

Footwear’s for Diwali

Once you have completed the above steps of selecting the perfect clothes, accessories and makeup. The final step is having a pair of footwear’s which goes will with your courture. Footwear is the final touches that you give your grooming. As said diwali is a traditional Indian festival the footwear you choose should match with your costumes. Traditional mojaris, chappals for both men and women are the first choice. In markets we have various new designs and patterns available to give a stylish look to your overall personality. If you want to look different and more stylish you can have a try of mix n match combination of western footwear on your traditional Indian wear.

These were some easy and helpful guide on getting ready for this diwali festival. But it is you that matters the most. If you can’t decide what to wear or how to dress up, you can take help of above mentioned tips.  Dress up and wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Try to make your own style statement. Instead of following others set your own fashion rules. Don’t forget nobody is perfect in this world. You learn from your mistakes. Don’t give up trying new things. Keep enjoying your fashion journey.

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