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Men’s Clothing Diwali 2015

Men’s Clothing

Welcome to the exciting carnival of lights, crackers and sweets at this diwali festival. At the onset of October 2015, people are gearing up for the festival mood. Preparations are started, planning of dos and wish list is being made ready. So, how much you are ready for this diwali?

Generally, it is the women who are actively involved in making all the preparations for this auspicious festival. They take care of all the members of the family. But some men prefer to do their own planning and preparations. They enjoy doing their own shopping as equally their female counterpart.  If you are planning to make your own shopping list and are unsure of what to wear this diwali. Here is a short guide for men’s clothing shopping.

Traditional is the dress code for diwali festival. As entire year we wear our formals except during festivals or social occasions. The best available options are kurta pyjama, sherwani, achkan and many more. Along with these traditional attires there are also designer clothes available this festive season to add a spicy look to your personality. Fashion designer have crafted combination of various costumes like Pathani suits, Jodhpuri bangdalas with a waist coat on it for a stylish look or you can try churidar with designer kurta. There are good collections of ethnic outfits in online shopping sites to choose from if you don’t have time to visit markets or shopping malls. You can try out options from the given below list of traditional costumes:

Kurta Pyjama

Among the ethnic family kurta pyjama is will always remain trendy. If you are confused or don’t have time for preparations than simply try a pair of kurta pajamas. These are handy attires and easily available at any corner if India. Even fashion designers have endlessly experimented with this costume to give a fresh look to it. The best part is you can try a combination of both bright and light colors depending on your choice.

Jodhpuris or Bandhgala

To get a classier look elegant style try jodhpuris this diwali. It is a good example of Indian handmade embroidery work. You must have notice polo players noticed in these costumes. It can be made of either silk or cotton material and even any other material of your choice. It is a combination of western attire with a coat and a trouser and it can be even accompanied by a vest.



A sherwani is a perfect call for this diwali 2015 as good collections of designs have hit the market. You have choice of both branded and non branded collections to choose from depending on your budget. The price range starts from 2000 INR and above. The best part about sherwani is that you can’t get it tailor made as per your body type to give a classic look to your personality.

Dhoti & Kurta

Once you must have wondered if dhotis are worn only by priests in Indian temples. Let me tell you, now days you must have noticed in many ramp shows at fashion event. Designers have repeatedly explored the possibilities they can experiment with dhoti kurta for men. If you desire to get a complete traditional and simple look try a pair of dhoti and kurta. Once must have noticed the dhoti kurta for infants l

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Monsoon fashion

Monsoon has arrived officially and has taken every one by surprise. The beginning has been with a bang and a lot more is expected further. Normally in monsoon some people like to go out and enjoy the splashes of rainy season. Some prefer to stay indoors. Generally many of us have no choice as we have to go out for our office work, shopping etc.

Monsoon wear

One should avoid wearing wearing heavy clothes like sarees, denim jeans, shararas etc. and one should start wearing light clothes or fabrics. Heavy fabrics takes longer time to dry and if you get wet, it makes you feel uncomfortable. There are also chances of getting sick. The best clothes suggested for rainy season are georgette, chiffon, lycra and silk. So even if you get wet these costumes get quickly dry.

To avoid getting fully wet switch to full body rainy jackets and pants over umbrella. Compared to umbrella there are less chances of getting wet in rainy full length raincoats.

Monsoon dresses are now designed by fashion designers to make you look stylish and hot. Capris, cotton short pants, short denim jeans are exclusively designed and are available at markets and online shopping sites. You get good deals thru monsoon sale for kids and children. Today monsoon clothing shopping is easy. Sitting at your home you can order online and get them delivered at your door steps, no need to go monsoon outlet, get wet.

In monsoon the most important changes you have to make is with your footwear. Keep aside your pair of leather and velvet footwears. In markets or online shopping sites you get exclusive range of rainy footwear especially made for monsoon. You get them in various prints, designs, sizes and colors. You can select any of them which goes well with your monsoon dresses.

Next is your monsoon accessorize. Today you have ample choices of smart accessories. From hats, shoes, raincoats, jackets, water proof bags, umbrellas belts and many more. These are available in attractive designs and colors for kids, children, men and women. Umbrellas are the one accessories you never forget to carry. Today we have all type of umbrellas from plain to designer and fancy ones with cartoon character for kids.

One important accessories which you care for most is your wrist watch. You always fear of getting them wet or get spoiled in monsoon. The best option is to temporarily replace it with water proof watches. They are bit expensive but it’s a worth one time investment. There are different price ranges of these watches starting from minimum INR 1500 and above. You get attractive and fancy designs as per latest fashion trends for all age group. It is also an good idea to gift your loved ones.

For womens who are concerned of their makeup. They have to take some extra care. Opt for beauty and makeup products that are oil free and waterproof. Today top makeup brands take extra care to get the best combination especially for monsoon. Right from eyeliners, lipsticks, kajal you get excellent choices from top brands like L’oreal, Lakeme, Elle 18, Maybelline and others.


During monsoon you have to take care of your favorite gadgets. Your mobile phone is the most important gadget today. Today we get nice colorful and stylish waterproof covers. The best part is they are available in all price ranges. You can easily change them daily matching with your dresses. During monsoon the humidity in the air spoils the mobile phone, so it is important to have a proper cover.

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Pant Patterns

Cargo Pant

There are different types of pant patterns available. Each of them has their distinctive look and style. Before looking into them let’s look at the important part of your pant dressing i.e. fitting. The fitting of your pant decides how good appearance is. The following brief can be informative for both men and women.

Pant fitting

A perfect fitting of your pant makes you look more presentable and stylish. The fitting has to be perfect from waist till your foot. If we are getting  pants stitched by tailor, he ensures everything is perfect i.e. your waist, inseam and length. Nowadays the trend is shifting. More men are opting for online shopping websites, thanks to good discounts offered by them or due to good deals from shopping malls. Shopping from these sources is normally instant. We try out a particular pant, if it looks goods, we buy it. There are some points, if you consider them while trying out pants, I bet you will get a perfect fitting pant. They are as follows:


This is your starting point. Take a measuring tape, put on a tight pair of shorts then hold the tape tightly against top of inner thigh under the crotch and then get the measurement done. Then check your inseam size measured with the standard sizes. Ideally you should prefer a little longer inseam. It adds to your comfort level.


This is another important area of your pant fitting. The waist size should be comfortable. You have to judge the waist area, where you place your pant, before taking a measurement of it. It should not be too loose or tight. Loose pants will give shabby look and tight waist will make you uncomfortable. Take a measuring tape and place it at little below the navel area and cover it fully about the waist till it overlap each other and round it to the measured half inch. Now that you got the exact measurement of your pant, check it with the standard sizes available.



Now coming to the third and last part of your pant fitting. The length will depend on what type of length pattern you want. There are traditional simple types and fancy new patterns.
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Simple or straight

In this pattern the width of the pant is same from knee till ankle. It is comfortable and ideal for our daily wear as it has a wider leg opening.

Boot Cut

In this pattern you have a wider opening of the leg. Jeans pants are best example of this pattern. Even in pants in late 70’s and 80’s it was a big hit.


In this pattern the length of pant is cropped much lower down the leg and is between mid-calf and ankle.


They are similar to cropped pants. The only difference is that they are crop in between the mid calf and knee.

Tapered pattern

In late 60’s this pattern was widely followed. Now again this trend is back. Many youngsters are following this pattern. They get increasingly fine from hip to the ankle.

Jeggings Pattern

These are skin tight fitting. These pattern are used in stretchable denim fabrics. The fabric is as such is very flexible and even due to its tight fitting, it is comfortable.


These were some basic tips for getting a perfect fitting of your pant for a smarter look. Different brands have different fitting standards. Each of them may vary from each other. Any pattern you choose, comfort should be your first priority. Again the pattern can be selected depending on your occasion like casual, formal, wedding and others. If you have any suggestions do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.

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 Sherwani Buying Guide

Sherwani’s are trendy this wedding season. It is best choice for grooms for wedding functions. With latest designs by fashion designers, it is your style statement. Sherwani’s origin can be found long back since the mughal era. It used to be worn by royal families and upper class people and was a status symbol. Later it was adopted by the masses as their favorite attire. This costume is famous in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. For muslim grooms it is their traditional wedding costume. It is also famous in other parts of the world for its attractive look. Another close variant of sherwani is Achkan. It is worn as a groom costume in different parts of India like, Maharashtra, Punjab and Rajasthan. The major difference between sherwani and achkan is the latter is of lighter fabric and is generally without line.

The main highlight of sherwani is its heavy embroidery, patterns and heavy fabric. This costume has three parts, sherwani, churidar and dupatta. The ranges starts from 2000 INR and above, depending on quality of the fabric and work done. The best part is religion or caste has no barrier for this costume. In India, people of all caste or religion prefer wearing sherwani for their wedding occasion. There are different type of sherwanis. It may be opening from the front  or closed, full length, short length or medium. Sherwani’s are generally worn with churidars. Off late, fashion designers have innovated its look and even pants or jeans can be worn with it. Different types of embroidery and stylish patterns are done like stone work, dabkeh, glass work, hand work or machine embroidery. You can suggest your designer to get the best work done of your choice. Artistic designs are crafted at bottom of churidar, sleeves, neck collars and at dupatta. Buying a good sherwani is not easy. There are several factors to be taken care of.

Things to watchout while buying a sherwani


It is the base of your sherwani. Go for good quality fabric, if you are wearing it for your wedding day. The good embroidery work and patten will naturally complement with each other if fabric is of good quality. It is your one time investment.


The trend seen in wedding now days is that both bride and groom match colors of their costumes. Generally, you can go for colors like dark grey, purple, white, blue as these are very photo friendly colors and really looks goods in albums.



Fitting is the most important. Generally for saving time, we buy readymade costumes. But be careful. If you are short heighted, with bloated tummy then think twice and take a proper trial. Brands are now even offering customized fitting to their clients


Make sure that your sherwani complements your total look. It means your embroidery work, design color choice of sherwani, churidar, dupatta, pagadi (worn by grooms on their head) and footwear i.e. mojari (generally worn with churidar). If the design of your sherwani is simple the mojari should not be of heavy embroidery or prints.


These were some basic tips for buying sherwani. If you have any suggestions do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.


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Jeans Pants
Types of Pant / Trousers

In previous article, we had detailed information on men’s shirts buying guide. In today’s post, I will elaborate some basic knowledge on pant/ trousers buying. There are different types of pants or trousers in the market. Selection the best pant depends on your occasion, whether it is formal, casual, daily wear or party wear. Online shopping websites are all flooded with all these variety of men’s costumes. While selecting them be aware of the brand, price and quality of trousers.


Jeans need no introduction. As per available information, it was originally developed in Nimes in France. In western and European countries like U.S.A., Canda, Spain etc it is the top selling costume. It is the most popular costume all over the world. It is made from denim fabric. It comes in all colors like white, black, blue, red etc. Jeans are today worn for all occasions. It may be formals, client meetings, casuals or party wear. You can wear it with shirt or your favourtie t-shirt. The different type and style of jeans are baggy, stone-washed, slim, fitted, flared, boot-cut, distressed etc. The only concern is the shrinkage of the fabric. Technology used now has taken great care of this problem now.


Corduroy is another stylish variant of pants. It is very popular because of its soft texture and different color patterns. It is a bit thick fabric and is mostly preferred in cool places. But still it has become popular all over the world. The care to be taken is with the storage. Don’t hang it folded over the hanger at it forms creases after some time. The best way to store it is by using clamping hangers as it attaches to the waist.


Khakis are the second most popular type of trousers after pants. In Asian countries such India, China, Japan and others, its is very popular. It is made of cotton fabric. They are comfortable and stylish. You can wear them with shirts and t-shirts. Khakis come in white, black, beige and navy colors. Fashion designers have come with new colors and patterns to make it more stylish. They are either flat or pleated. The major attractions is the numbers of pockets at both front and back side at different positions.


Generally people consider chinos and khakis same. But there are some differences. Khakis are made of 100% cotton. Chinos are made of blend of cotton plus other synthetic fibers or 100% synthetic. Chinos are preferred over khakis for formal wear. You can wear it with button down shirts or designer t-shirts.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants are another sibling of khaki pants. It is also made of pure cotton, denim, fiber blends. The only difference it has deep and large side pockets known as Velcro pockets just above the knees. These pockets are either at one side or both. They are available in different ranges and shades. These are mostly worn with t-shirts or sneakers. Now even at offices, one can find people wearing it. It is no longer a casual wear.

Track pants

Track pants are also called drawstring pants. These pants were made for the purpose of giving comfort and flexibility. In gyms and jogging parks, we commonly find people wearing it. It is best for exercise. It can be made of all types of fabrics or blended with each other. Different types of track pants are available at online shopping sites and stores such as with drawstring, elastic, with or without pockets.

 These were some basic types of pants. If you know some other variant of pants, do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog. Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on latest Indian fashion trends. 

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Shirts Buying Guide

Generally, shirts are bought from shops or malls as and when we visit them. You like a color, pattern or design. You pick up a shirt, go to trial room, if it looks good on you, you buy it. Sometimes, you do shopping specifically for occasion such as an interview, formals or casual wear. This is how we normally do our shopping. The whole purpose is, the costume I choose, looks good on me. That’s fine. But we don’t give adequate attention to some basic points such as fitting, size, colors, styles and brands. These points if you follow wisely while selecting your shirt, will give an incredible look to your whole personality. Let us look as these basics of selecting a shirt for you. A wrong selection, loose fitting or wrinkled shirt gives a message that you are careless about your appearance.


You have to be clear with the purpose of buying shirt. Whether its formal, casual or party wear. Formals can also further categorized as your interview, meetings, daily office wear, official parties. For your casual and social party wear, you can choose anything which makes you comfortable.


The next step is the color of your shirt. For interviews avoid wearing very dark colors such as red and black. Light colors should be preferred, grey or white is a safe choice. For your daily office wear, you have more liberty to choose. Cross checks or plain color shirts of blue, green, black and others. For casual and party wear the choice is unlimited. If you want to look more stylish, get bright and unconventional colors such as pink, dark blue, red etc.


Fabric is the most crucial element in buying shirt. No matter how beautiful the design of the shirt or  pattern. It will not last long if the fabric material is not good. Quality fabric comes with a price tag. So be careful about your budget. Better the quality of fabric the longer it will last. It is your one time investment. Given below are the different types of fabrics of shirts.


Cotton is the most preferred costumes in Asian countries due to hot and humid climatic conditions. It goes will with all dyeing techniques, is comfortable, and light on body. The only drawback is that it wrinkles soon. Cotton can also be blended with other types of fibers to give advantage of  multiple blend of fabrics.


Silk is a natural fiber fabric. It is a bit expensive depending on purity of silk used. It is comfortable, stylish and light in weight. It has to be stored carefully and maintained well. It is a preferred costume for special occasions such as parties, wedding functions.


It is a machine made fiber. It is cost effective. Ideal for your daily and office wear. It doesn’t shrinks or wrinkles as compared to cotton and after washing it dries fast.


Linen is an alternative to cotton as your summer wear. It has similar benefits of above fabrics like lightweight, less expensive and comfortable.


The elements of a good fitting are your shoulders, collars (neck size), chest, armhole, cuff style, sleeves and length of the shirt. Once you decide the occasion and fabric take care of below points, you will get a stylish fitting shirt.
Shoulder Seam

This is a crucial part where we often don’t pay much attention. If your seam selection goes wrong the whole fitting of your shirt looks loose. Generally,  manufacturers make shirts large and don’t keep the seam where sleeve is attached to the body, as it should be stitched close to the top of shoulders.

The thumb rule is don’t be concerned of the collar / neck size, if you are not using top button of your shirt. But if you are using it, check out the table below :

Shirt                                      Neck

Small                                   13.5 to 14.5

Medium                             14.5 to 15.5

Large                                  15.5 to 16.5

While measuring the collar size, it is measured from the button hole to button when laid flat.  The button should be put as such the two fingers inserted easily.

Chest is another important part of your shirt dressing. It is the main frame where people directly focus.  It has to comfort the areas under the armpit, across the upper back and finally around the chest.  A proper fitting shirt will make you close fitted.
Arm Hole

The golden rule for a good fitted shirt is, it has a back flit, as is makes the shirt narrow at the waist. As  while tucking in, it forms a curve of the body, giving no excess fabric in between shirts and pants. Generally, all readymade shirts have big armholes so that they fit all range of body types. This is not suggested if you want a perfect fitting. It goes well with people who have bloated tummy not with slim men or maintained tummy. The fitting of armhole has to be such it gives a good range of motion i.e. full movement of your arms.
Cuff Styles

While getting the cuff done ensure it is sufficiently long to cover the wrists and should come as close to the base of the hand. There are different styles of cuff such as standard, button cuff and French cuff. The standard cuffs are generally with one to three buttons. The French cuff has an additional fabric for folding back as it held’s the cuff links.

For sleeves the arms has to fill out of sleeves in a manner that no extra material is shown or loose appearance. As said in cuff styles above, ensure while putting the buttons the cuff has to fall right at the base of your thumb. The sleeves of shirts can be long or short depending on the occasion. In Asian countries short sleeve are preferred because of hot and humid conditions. The long sleeves can be between 31 to 33 inches. Always ensure there is no extra material as it will fold down giving an unflattering look.

The last part of the fitting of your shirt is length. There are two ways to check for proper length of shirt. One, button your shirt but don’t tuck it and see if the tail falls at the back pocket of pant. Two, button up and tuck in your shirt, raise your both arms just above your head to check the tails coming out from pants and if it does so your shirt is bit short. These two are the best and proven methods to check length of your shirt

This is the last and most important part. Even if you follow all the above steps correctly, things may not go as per your way, if a wrong brand is selected. Generally, all the branded shirts available at online shopping sites, malls, neighborhood stores offer good quality. If budget is your main concern, then have a closer look at price tags of them. Keep in mind the above points and your budget to buy the best shirt for your special occasion.
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Fashion Designers

Full Length Kurta

 It may be mens fashion , womens fashion or any other fashion clothes, fashion designer are facing stiff competition. New Fashion designers step into fashion world every year to make it big. The secret to success in dress design is playing to your strength. As we know fashion online has got  fashion design and fashion designer at your finger point. Today, we shall reveal success stories of two young Indian fashion designers who made it big in fashion design in 2014.

Ridhi Mehra

ridhi mehra
ridhi mehra

Ridhi Mehra is among upcoming fashion designers to watch out for in 2015. she’s worked as an store manager, merchandiser and marketing head, before making big name in fashion world.  Ridhi Mehra credits her mother and aunt with whom she worked well before starting her own label in 2012. Her designs being worn by some of Bollywood’s stars such as  Deepika Padokone, Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapooor and others.  Bringing a modern take on traditional clothing by combining influences from both East and West, as well as old and new. Ridhi  Mehra has  degree in Business Management from Nottingham followed by a  Fashion Design course at NIFT in Delhi.  she Maintains old world charm, from Grecian to Indian influences is at the core of your design concept.


Dhruv kapoor


dhruv kapoor
dhruv kapoor

Dhruv kapoor is having both Indian and overseas experience in dress design.   Dhruv Kapoor having masters degree from the Marangoni Institute, blurred the lines between male and female, with full skirts, cropped trousers, and tailored coats. while doing his studies at Milan , the design teams of reputed brands were part of his study. his clothes are worn by Bollywood celebrities such as Kirti Sanon, Sonam Kapoor, Lieana D’Cruz. His usp is full skirts and sports luxe. He recently quoted “My taste is all about contrast. I love blurring the line between masculine and feminine, complex and simple, minimal and excessive.” his designs were impressive on day 1 Lakme Fashion week 2014 summer/resort.

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T Shirts


T shirts

Among all types of dress in your wardrobe for clothing, t shirts for men and women will always remain trendy clothes for mens and womens fashion.  Whether it is clubwear or winter fashion, T – shirts have a unique style. You can wear them at your office, gym or any other occasions. Which type of clothing (t shirt) to wear is matter of your personal choice, with proper guide and careful selection for fabric and weave option. Today fashion blogs and online dresses sites  like , and others are flooded with variety of cheap and expensive T – shirts. Your choice is determined by climate in which you stay. Various range of T – shirts such as funny, polo T – shirts, printed T – shirts, vintage T – shirts and many others. Fashion bloggers and fashion designers all have their fantastic input as to when and what to wear for different occasions. For street fashion,  it is particularly popular. For t shirts online, if you search for latest fashion trends for T – shirts, you will find loads of information.  Different types of fabrics such as cotton, combed cotton, pima or supima cotton, linen, slub, lycra, rayon, modal, pigment dyed, rib nit, burn – out etc. one can even have a blend of these fabrics. As said, a variety of fabrics are available in different colors, patterns, style, design etc. we shall briefly have a look at different fabric materials :

Cotton :

Cotton is ideal for everyday wear. It is soft, sturdy and affordable. Different types of cotton is used in apparel. It is an all season and occasion wear available at all clothing stores.

Combed cotton :

Fine brushes are used to eliminate short strands and straighten fibers, making the fabric stronger, softer, and smoother.

Pima or Supima Cotton

Highest-quality cotton. Pima is the generic form of extra-long-fiber cotton grown in the United States, Australia, and South America. Supima is the trademarked name for 100 percent American-grown Pima cotton. Both resist pilling, fading, and stretching and get softer with wear. Supima cotton is the same as pima cotton in texture. These cottons resist pilling, fading, and stretching, even after multiple washings, with each washing, the cotton becomes softer.

Linen :

Made from the flax plant, the textured weave, dries quickly making it easy to wear, it wrinkles easily.

It is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, making it a good choice for summer wear. By the very nature of the fabric, it is stronger when damp.

Slub Cotton :

Fibers are twisted to create an irregular weave with a rough-hewn texture. They have slight lumps in the fabric, because of process prior to weaving the cotton where the cotton is twisted. They are light and airy and do not cling to the body and does not need iron as it is not deisgned to look flat.

Lycra :

Spandex or lycra  is a stretchy marterial added to t- shirt. It is widely used in atheletic wear as it allows for easy movement.

Rayon :

A breathable man-made fiber made out of trees, cotton, and woody plants. Has a silky hand, yet wrinkles. Also called viscose. It is more affordable alternative to silk. It  drapes easily, simple to dye and extremely absorbent. The main drawback it wrinkles easily and after a fair used it becomes yellowed and pilly.

Modal :

A form of rayon made from plant fibers, it has a beautiful drape and a slinky feel. It resists shrinking but can be prone to pilling, so avoid the dryer. It is cool to touch and dries quickly when wet. It is fade resistant.

Pigment Dyed :

A coloring process that coats the outside of the fibers, it can create a faded, worn-in look.

Rib Knit :

A ridged pattern that creates a thick, structured garment with a lot of give.

Burn-out: Fabric treated with a chemical process that leaves sheer patches for an edgy look.

So as shown above we have basic info about various fabric materials available for t – shirts. Depending on you requirement you can select it. You may have custom t – shirts, tee t – shirt, design t – shirt If you have any interesting facts or info to share about your favourite T – shirts you can write on comment column given below. This may be my last post for the year 2014. Wish you all readers a Happy New Year in advance for 2015.

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Kurta Pajama

Designer Kurta


Kurta Pajama is a traditional Indian wear, worn in India along with other Asian and Arabic countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Dubai, U.A.E. and others.  Its popularity has not been restricted to Asian countries, but even in other parts of the world. It is a loose shirt falling either just above or below the knees. Pajamas are lightweight trouser  fitted with  drawstring  waistbands. Even with the changing times, kurta – pajamas have stood the test of times and has evolved as the hottest Indian costume. You can find people visiting India wearing them. Kurta – pajamas can be worn at various occasions like wedding, casual, ceremonies, party wear. It can be made with various fabrics such as cotton, velvet, silk, Linen, satin, tissue, polyster and many more. Fashion designers have experimented with rich embroidery, printed and woven work and it gives traditional or contemporary look. In the markets, you get Kurta Pajamas in various types such as Sherwani, Achkan, Nehru Jacket, Indo Western, Waist Coat, Angavasthram, Jodhpuri Suit and many other. Wearing Kurta – Pajamas is no longer a traditional wear, it is worn at any other occasions. It is matched with accessories like bracelets, chain and designer footwear. There is no end in which way designers experiment with Kurta – Pajamas. Even today in many fashions shows, you find a mark of it.  The different types of kurta pajama are as follows:


It is a long coat like fabric. It is paired with a pajama. It is made up of heavier fabric. It is worn by muslim grooms in wedding. It is popular even at other occasions like formals, casuals, party etc.


It is a knee length jacket. It is mainly worn by Indians from Punjab, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. It is a wedding costume and worn by grooms. The main difference between sherwani and achkan is that latter is made up of finer and lighter fabrics and normally with line.

Nehru Jacket

It is a hip length coat. It is similar to sherwani or achkan. The major difference is, it is shorter, with a closed collar. It got named after the first prime minister of India Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru.

Jodhpuri Suit

This pattern is like a coat and is paired with trousers.  It also closely resembles to other types of suits as stated above. It has a closed collar. It is made of all types of fabrics silk, cotton and others depending on the occasions. It is very popular wear for formal parties and social gatherings. Designers have crafted attractive designs with good embroidery work on the coat. It is also called as Bandgala in India.

This was a brief attempt to showcase different types of kurta pyjama. It is available at markets and shopping mall and online shopping websites. As stated above, it is available in different designs and patterns. So what are you waiting for, go and grab your first pair of them if you have not tried them. If you have any suggestions do share with us. If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.


Sonu Nigam in Designer Sherwani
Sonu Nigam in Designer Sherwani

“Sonu at Rafi Resurrected” by Falak11mufc – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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Maharashtrian Costumes


 Costumes of Maharashtrian people

Ganesh Chaturthi the much awaited festival of Maharashtra is coming on 28th of August, 2014. It will be a grand affair in which deities bring their beloved god at their home. Clothing of Maharashtrian people shows their rich culture. It may be any festival, in Maharashtrian costume, women are dressed in a 9 yard traditional sari (lugade), with the choli, for men dhoti and shirt. Though the trend is shifting now, with younger generation are more attracted to new design and patterns available.  For eg. The 5 to 6 yard sari is now in demand, they are worn over the petticoat in Marathi called parkar /ghagara. A traditional sari’s width varies around 40 to 45 inches with two lengthwise borders known as kinar / kanth. The sari covers around half length of the back. Sari is two bordered breadth wise two ends known as padar and the decorated part is put over the left shoulder. There are a variety of  sarees available as kanjivaram, chanderi, banarasi, paithani (my favourite), irakali, banarasi, etc.  Raw material is cotton  or silk.


For men , Maharashtrian costume are changed as per trends prevailing. For family occasions or festivals they generally wear ackan, chudidar  survaar / payjama. Traditional clothing which many men still follow in rural parts of Maharashtra is dhoti and shirt. It is madeup of cotton varies around 3 meters in length with a folded turban called pheta or pagadi or folded cap ( either of woolen/silk/cotton fabric). Even a silk or cotton jacked is worn over shirt called bandi. The history of wearing sarees goes long back since Maratha rulers. since that period Nauvari saree was the first choice. it is made up of mainly silk fabric. On auspicious occasions a Nauvari saree is preferred. they are also famous for their elegant style and design. A good variety of accessories are all along with it. They include a nose ring called Nath, in Marathi, necklace, bangles,  pearls etc. You can get these Maharashtrian costumes all over Maharashtra. The very popular hub are Pune, Kolhapur, Aurangabad and Sholapur.

With the changing times, clothing has also changed significantly. Especially in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur etc. designer and ready stitched costumes are finding place. But still today in rural areas people are sticking to their traditional roots and clothing. That’s it folks for now, more will follow.


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