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clothes to wear in summer season

Summer fashion

The scorching summer sun can cause you to sweat, get dehydrated and even break out into a heat rash. However, you can prevent some of these problems by dressing smart and wearing the right clothes to beat the heat.

Summer Fashion of cotton fabrics/dresses

Cotton absorbs the sweat from your body and allows it to evaporate into the air. It works like a towel, wicking the moisture away from your skin and discouraging the growth of bacteria and yeast. This makes it the perfect fabric for summer because it keeps you cool and prevents infections. You should avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible because unlike cotton and other natural fabrics, most synthetic fabrics do not breathe. So when you sweat, the sweat doesn’t dry off like it should.

Lighter colours for summer

Colours like white, yellow, beige and other light shades keep you cool because they reflect most of the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere. Dark fabrics, on the other hand, tend to absorb these rays and trap their heat, making you feel even hotter.

Wear loose clothes

In summer, avoid wearing tight clothes that restrict your circulation. Your blood vessels tend to dilate in summer so that your body can cool itself by letting heat escape through your skin, so make it a point to wear loose and airy clothes to allow your blood to circulate freely.
Choose the right clothing styles

Summer is synonymous with shorts, dresses and sleeveless clothes, however, these are not exactly the ideal garments for this season. They expose your skin to the sun’s rays, inviting problems like UV damage and heat rashes. While we’re supposed to apply sunscreen before we go out, a lot of people don’t actually do so, leaving their skin vulnerable and exposed. The heat also dries out your skin, causing it to become stiff and more prone to ageing and wrinkles. If you think about it, the people who live in the deserts of the Middle East wear loose clothing that covers them from head to toe, primarily to protect them from the scorching heat. The ideal clothing choices for summer are loose pants or long skirts with tops. Loose salwar kameezes are also a good option.

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summmer fashion


What to wear this summer?

With warm temps in full swing, we’re back with another round of seasonal essentials we can’t wait to wear! (If you missed our spring favorites, be sure to check them out here.) Now that it’s summer, you’ll find us living in these comfy staples for the rest of the season. Read on for our budget and splurge-worthy (yet still sensible) versions of each trend. Now, hand us some sangria because we’re ready for outdoor living!

Cool Summer Shirts

Keep things relaxed with oversized polos and textured fifties shirts exemplified by the runway collections of Raf Simons and Louis Vuitton. Balance out this trend with a tailored pant and accessorise with darker wayfarers for a true fifties vibe. This silhouette works perfectly in darker tones as well as powder hues, but contrast is key when combining colours, to sustain a more polished look.

Fashion for working women

A pleated version like this is definitely one of them! Tailored, classic, and definitely not too short, these shorts will keep you cool and are acceptable enough to wear just about anywhere.

Fashion Accessories

Off the shoulder numbers have been cropping (ha!) up everywhere lately, and truly we can’t get enough. Feminine, flirty, and cool in the heat—what’s not to love? If you’re weary about the cropped length, pair it with high waist jeans, shorts, or a skirt to ensure you have enough coverage.


Blazer Fashion

The blazer is at the top of the list when it comes to versatile wardrobe staples—but they can often get hot and stuffy. Opt for a linen version, which is a bit lighter and airier for summer. Same amount of polish but with a sophisticated, summer vibe.

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Love wearing blazers. Unfortunately for me, this city gives me merely 2 months to actually enjoy wearing them through the day. So as soon as it got a bit pleasant, I grabbed the chance to flaunt my new blazers. Be it a casual meeting, a friendly lunch or a glam soiree, blazers are all I’ve been reaching for. I would tell you how versatile they are but I’m sure you already know that.
For the first look, I paired this gorgeous on-trend oxblood/burgundy blazer with a laid back grey tee with leather patches tucked into a simple pair of denims. An overload of gold jewellery, a metallic bag, leopard print sandals and you are out the door.
For the next look, I went for a winter floral blazer which was perfect for that quick catch up lunch. A basic tank top and your trusted black jeans with burgundy pumps was my choice of attire. Keeping the rest of the outfit basic helps the blazer shine in all its glory. You can get accessorized with some rose gold jewellery and a studded clutch to add some edge.
For the last outfit, I had to pick this glam gold sequins blazer. I was heading to a glam soiree and I would settle for nothing less. Paired it with a printed silk blue dress to balance the look. Finished the ensemble with a tiny gold bag and minimalistic gold heels.
I hope this images gave you a few styling ideas. And for those of you who want to buy these blazers but want to try them on first, there are lot of options at online shopping sites
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Here’s wishing all you lovely people a happy and exciting new year! I hope you guys accomplish what you intend to in the coming year and whatever is pending from last year. Thank you for being such lovely readers and supporters and I hope you continue to come over. Have a fabulous eve.

I put together these three looks keeping in mind the different styles and ways of celebration for the New Year’s Eve.

The first look is for those of you who love being casual and are welcoming the year with a cute dinner date and then catching a new movie at midnight. The skinny jeans are stylish and super comfortable and the waterfall cardigan will keep you snug during the chilly night. Add some bright shoes for that pop of colour!

The second look is for those of you who are heading to a house party or spending the entire night chilling with your friends and dressing up is must. The cowl neck top dresses up the simple black skirt. I added some stockings to add some edge to the outfit! A glitter bag is the best way to add that finishing touch to this look.

The last outfit is for those of you who have been planning for that big new year’s eve party! The sequins dress is the perfect way to shine your way through. The trench coat will help you stay snug in style. A pair of nude pumps will help you put the whole look together. Finish up with a bling bag.

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Amazon India Fashion Week

Fashion Design Council of India (FCDI) the premier organization responsible for promoting fashion and lifestyle related designs in India and abroad has successfully conducted Amazon India Fashion Week in association with its co-sponsor of the event MayBelline New York for Spring Summer 2016 at NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi. Renowned fashion designers from the fashion fraternity showcased their work.

The day one of the show was stolen by fashion designers such as Sanjay Garg, Anavila / Vaishali S, Rabani & Rakha / Vineet Bahl, Kavita Bhartia and Shivan & Narresh. The event witnessed more than 100 designer stalls at the exhibition area. Shivan Bhatiya & Narresh Kukreja added spice to the show from theme stimulated by Mexican artist Diego Rivera. The bold designs and collections highly represent a combination of bright colors for sequence of sarees, dresses and swim wears.

Another eye-catching attraction was from fashion designer Sanjay Garg of whom renowned bollywood actresses like Konkana Sensharma has worn his collections and Soha Ali Khan Khemu are his followers. Sanjay Garg spoke about his latest collections that he had done away with curvy outline and kept the profile sparkling, easy with straight and leaning cuts. The theme name was Raw Mango at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016. Sanjay Garg also quoted at the event “It is nice to have them come here and support me. It means a lot.” He further said “The idea was that I didn’t want to use any Cury Silhouette. That is why I kept it all straight. I didn’t tamper it.  All 45 garments were designed around it. I used a little hand embroidery. Not much may be just 5% of the collection, so the rest is woven. This whole collection has been made in Benaras. The border is mashru but it is not cut and attached. There was nothing like mashru saree. So I gave birth to a whole new technique.”  Sanjay Garg quoted. The ramp was equally complimented by Delhi-based group D club.

Hemant & Nandita created bohemian force at the ramp through a set collections dedicated to the spirited traveler. It had long-loose gowns, capes with ample tassel borders, collared shirts and stylish blanket overcoats. It was a mix n match combinations of European prints and nomadic tribes.  Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna also showcased their talent. Their collection wrapped in black & white color with attractive modern profile. There was a great collection for the youth ranging from geometric prints, thin jumpsuits with capes, pencil skirts with rally of textures.

Fashion designers paid tribute to the Benarasi weave designs. The ramp show was based on idea of ‘Born in Benaras’ showcasing the glamorous side of banarasi weaves. The final day of the fashion show was witnessed of renowned designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Abhishek Gupta, Gauri and Nainika, Alpana and Neeraj, Manish Arora, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, Abraham and Thakore, Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

A thank giving speech was given by Mr.Sunil Sethi, President of Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) for participating fashion designers in highlighting Benarasi weaves in limelight.

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Latest Fashion Trends 2015

Latest fashion trends 2015 are what we are always looking for. Change is imminent. If anything is permanent in this world is, that is change. The same rule applies to fashion world. Fashion trends keep on revolving, paving way for the new. Fashion trends in 2015 have seen some pleasant changes in the fashion world. Fashion designers have experimented with bright colors and bold prints and designs giving way for plain colors. Many of our bollywood celebrities such as kareena kapoor, sonakshi sinha, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padokone and others have shown off their like for skirts and brazen crop tops.

Hand painted sarees will find a place for block printed ones. One of the emerging entrepreneurs in India is Tishy Tripathi Shukla who runs a small scale company known as Tishyakriti. Is a good example of hand painting work.  You can get beautiful designs of your choices to give your favorite saree a desired change.

The basic idea of a fashion trend is concepted and visualized by fashion designers and are subsequently endorsed by celebrities and subsequently called as latest fashion trends. The same story is every summer, winter or another fashion events organized. This is the way the business in fashion world works. But it is the end customer, who gets benefited by latest designs, colors, and prints. The  business is never out of flavor.

Another flavor this season is short skirts. If you have a nice skinny body and want to look great and are bold enough to flaunt your thighs then short skirts are the right match for you. In metros like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and others they are trendy. Especially, now when the mercury levels quite high, these are natural choices. You can pair flared skirts with your favorite accessories like rings, bangles, bracelets, belt, and shoes and so on. If you are planning for a romantic evening, then there is no better option than these cute short skirts. Pair them with a colorful and flower printed designs to get a perfect look.

 Fashion designers like Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani are testing with straighter cuts and multi-panels to achieve layering and volume. The whole concept is to transform preference for Anarkali pattern. Even fashion designer Monisha Jaising foresees fashion trends coming the natural way inspired from nature. She quotes “You’ll see shades like the treetop, almost metallic green, gaining favor and mineral shade of titanium will be popular as will shades like sandstone that have an intrinsic sort of rugged texture to them”. Surily Goel quoted “ Prints are already going crazy. I recently saw a woman wear a sari with the face book logo printed across its length. But, I believe we’ll see a lot of Japanese-inspired prints. By that I mean, you may have the cherry blossom print but in a different color-scheme than the traditional Japanese sense.”

As we discussed about how your wardrobe is going to shape this season, your accessories and footwear’s are going to get a makeover. Footwear’s will are set to get floral prints, animal designs inspired from African culture. Get rid of those plain colors and give you a tang of these latest fashion trends. In accessories you are set to see those long, slim colorful floral designs that hang around your beautiful ears adding and elegant blot to your face.

These were some interesting fashion trends making a wave this season. Go and try out these, to pep up your persona. These small changes in our routine keep the monotony away and rejuvenate us. If you find this article helpful, please share with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.

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Men’s Clothing Diwali 2015

Men’s Clothing

Welcome to the exciting carnival of lights, crackers and sweets at this diwali festival. At the onset of October 2015, people are gearing up for the festival mood. Preparations are started, planning of dos and wish list is being made ready. So, how much you are ready for this diwali?

Generally, it is the women who are actively involved in making all the preparations for this auspicious festival. They take care of all the members of the family. But some men prefer to do their own planning and preparations. They enjoy doing their own shopping as equally their female counterpart.  If you are planning to make your own shopping list and are unsure of what to wear this diwali. Here is a short guide for men’s clothing shopping.

Traditional is the dress code for diwali festival. As entire year we wear our formals except during festivals or social occasions. The best available options are kurta pyjama, sherwani, achkan and many more. Along with these traditional attires there are also designer clothes available this festive season to add a spicy look to your personality. Fashion designer have crafted combination of various costumes like Pathani suits, Jodhpuri bangdalas with a waist coat on it for a stylish look or you can try churidar with designer kurta. There are good collections of ethnic outfits in online shopping sites to choose from if you don’t have time to visit markets or shopping malls. You can try out options from the given below list of traditional costumes:

Kurta Pyjama

Among the ethnic family kurta pyjama is will always remain trendy. If you are confused or don’t have time for preparations than simply try a pair of kurta pajamas. These are handy attires and easily available at any corner if India. Even fashion designers have endlessly experimented with this costume to give a fresh look to it. The best part is you can try a combination of both bright and light colors depending on your choice.

Jodhpuris or Bandhgala

To get a classier look elegant style try jodhpuris this diwali. It is a good example of Indian handmade embroidery work. You must have notice polo players noticed in these costumes. It can be made of either silk or cotton material and even any other material of your choice. It is a combination of western attire with a coat and a trouser and it can be even accompanied by a vest.



A sherwani is a perfect call for this diwali 2015 as good collections of designs have hit the market. You have choice of both branded and non branded collections to choose from depending on your budget. The price range starts from 2000 INR and above. The best part about sherwani is that you can’t get it tailor made as per your body type to give a classic look to your personality.

Dhoti & Kurta

Once you must have wondered if dhotis are worn only by priests in Indian temples. Let me tell you, now days you must have noticed in many ramp shows at fashion event. Designers have repeatedly explored the possibilities they can experiment with dhoti kurta for men. If you desire to get a complete traditional and simple look try a pair of dhoti and kurta. Once must have noticed the dhoti kurta for infants l

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Diwali Shopping Offers 2015

Diwali offers 2015

Shopping for diwali is always a fun and excitement for most of us. Great offers are available at almost all online shopping sites, shopping malls and your nearby markets. This diwali sale will be more grand and special due to Diwali dhamaka sale by various online shopping sites. There seems to be war among these flurrying online shopping sites. There will be flood of discount offers, special offers, exciting clothing deals and best discount deals on the shelf for all type of customers.

Happy Diwali
Happy Diwali

So what are your plans for shopping this diwali festival? It is the right time now to make a wish list of all your desired costumes and accessories along with gifts for your near and dear ones. So without much await, let’s chart down a list of wishes this diwali season:

Clothes and Apparels for Diwali

Since childhood every year I used to wait for deepawali festival. One simple reason, my parents used to take me for shopping in busy markets for clothes, accessories, sweets and crackers. In earlier times choices were limited, but now with the power of internet you have the whole market at your finger tip. Just make a wish, click it and get goods delivered right at your door step.

Dressing for diwali has to be special. The dress code is traditional. It goes with the flavor of festival mood. With the infusion of western culture in our society, we seldom give a full go at our traditional Indian couture. Festivals are the perfect occasions to flaunt our Indian tradition. You have various options for both men and women such as ethnic wear, traditional sarees, salwar kameez and anarkalis. But sarees will remain the first choice for women and kurta pajama for men.

Fashion designers have crafted elegant new designs since they have a blend of both traditional values and modern style statement. Check out various online shopping sites such as flipkart, snap deal, Amazon and many others for your perfect costumes.

Accessories for Diwali

Once you have figured out perfect costume for deepawali next destination by default is accessories. You look is not stylish unless you have a perfect match of earrings, bangles, necklace; toe ring etc. diwali is a festival of colors and lights. You can have the privilege of wearing heavy jewellery and accessories made of gold, diamonds, silver and artificial jewellery. It all depends on your budget, choice and comfort. Traditionally Indian women prefer wearing gold jewellery for the auspicious occasion of Goddess Laxmi Puja. If you are not comfortable with wearing gold jewellery, you can opt for artificial jewellery which are less expensive and are lighter in weight compared to gold. Yet they look classy and trendy with wide range of designs and sizes to match your personality and costume. Diwali shopping offers 2015 is available on all online shopping sites. Make the most of it.

Makeup for Diwali

The third and the most important stage is your makeup. Your total look is complete without appropriate makeup. It is the essence of any women for looking good and beautiful. Nowadays even men have a go at saloons & parlors to get a perfect look. Today, men are equally beauty conscious and are not far behind from women and don’t mind shelling extra bucks for that great look. Depending on your budget you can visit any nearby saloon / parlor or you can even try some basic makeup tips at your home itself. Today, you have the help of various YouTube videos and online free tutorials on do it yourself makeup at home from basic to advanced ones. All you need is some basic stuff (eye primer, kajal, eye lashes, lipstick, gel eyeliner, lip pencil, lip gloss etc.) for doing makeup yourself. You can also take help of your friends.

Most of us are vary of shelling big bucks on our makeup and skin care. But don’t worry due to price war and discounts by all online shopping sites; you can easily have branded makeup kits at affordable prices. Do regularly keep a watch on these sites for exciting discounts.

Footwear’s for Diwali

Once you have completed the above steps of selecting the perfect clothes, accessories and makeup. The final step is having a pair of footwear’s which goes will with your courture. Footwear is the final touches that you give your grooming. As said diwali is a traditional Indian festival the footwear you choose should match with your costumes. Traditional mojaris, chappals for both men and women are the first choice. In markets we have various new designs and patterns available to give a stylish look to your overall personality. If you want to look different and more stylish you can have a try of mix n match combination of western footwear on your traditional Indian wear.

These were some easy and helpful guide on getting ready for this diwali festival. But it is you that matters the most. If you can’t decide what to wear or how to dress up, you can take help of above mentioned tips.  Dress up and wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Try to make your own style statement. Instead of following others set your own fashion rules. Don’t forget nobody is perfect in this world. You learn from your mistakes. Don’t give up trying new things. Keep enjoying your fashion journey.

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Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery

The craft of Kundan jewellery

Kundan jewellery is every woman’s desire and love. Women’s will always have the endless carving and passion of possessing jewellery, no matter how modern she is today or influenced by western culture. It can be claimed with full authority, women’s living in any corner of the world have a liking for exclusive jewelleries.  Among all types of jewelleries kundan is definitely the most popular and attractive. No matter for what occasion you want, kundan has the power of attracting everyone’s attention. For those who are not much aware about this beautiful Indian gemstone jewellery, let us briefly know about it;

What is Kundan Jewellery?

The word kundan is a Sanskrit word and it means Purity. It is the 24 carat pure gold, in Rajasthan, India is major place where it is manufactured it is also called as Jaipuri / Bikaneri kundan. Gujarat and Varanasi in India is the another popular home of kundan jewellery.  The process of making kundan jewellery involves fixing a gem set with gold foil stuck between the stones and its rise. This technique is mainly used in making of sophisticated necklaces. It is said that the craft of making kundan jewellery has been begin since the royal times of Mughal era in India.

Types of Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewelleries  are available in different types such as Necklace Sets, Earrings, Rings, Pendant Sets and Pendants, Capsets and Bangles.

Process of Making Kundan Jewellery

The process of making is quite complex and is done in stages by different skilled workers having years of experience in making it. The process starts by thrashing of gold in a thin leaf, it is called as Ghaat and it performs as the foundation of making jewellery. The leaf is later packed with lac a type of natural resin. Finally the stones / gems are placed in it. Then the kundan work starts by pouring 24 carat melted gold in all sides with very thin sticks. This entire process is known as paadh.

These were some basic and simple information for buying women seeking to buy kundan jewellery. They are worn for all types of occasions it may be party, ceremonies or with casual wear. If you find this article helpful, please share with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.

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Handbags or stylish purses are every woman’s desire. Along with other essential assets in her wardrobe you will find a rich collection of handbags of different types of colors, patterns and designs. Apart from a style statement they are a daily necessity. Women ensure their handbags complement with their costumes, makeup and shoes. They are willing to pay any price for the right combination. Handbags are carried for all types of occasions from daily use to formals, marriage occasions, parties and evening night outs.

There is always a desire for classic handbags that other woman’s don’t have. Today in shopping malls, markets and online shopping websites we have a good choice of quality handbags from both branded and unbranded names. Buying a good quality handbags take a little extra effort. You have to keep in mind certain points before selecting them to get full value for your hard earned money. Daily designers launch attractive new styles and patterns of handbags in the market. The choice is not so simple.

Keeping some basic points on handbags selection you can get a perfect one for you.


This should be your primary factor in selecting handbags. Depending on your budget, they are available in leather, plastic, synthetic etc. leather bags have always been in good demand due to their quality, appearance and long life. In leather bags you have hard and soft ones. Durability of material is the prime factor as it will last longer. Italian leather is the natural choice for its strong and durability reason. Once you hold the leather in your hand, you can feel the leather quality.


Now you have decided the material for your favorite handbag. Next step is to decide the style, pattern and size. Daily we have launches from brands in attractive style and you can surely get a hand on your desired handbag. Depending on your occasion, costume requirement you can go for long, short, square, fancy design.


The color selection is the most head shaking exercise for any women. It is very vital as all the efforts you have put till now in selecting the best handbag will go in vain if the color combination is not perfect. Now depending on your occasion requirement you can go for color selection.  For daily use a combination of light and dark colors will do well. For formals or office use light colors are preferred such as white, sky blue, and black. For party and marriage occasions you can choose dark colors like red, blue, and orange, pink. In case of soft leather you have to be a bit cautious as it is harder to maintain as it may get stained and sometimes even ripped. It is advisable to go for a darker color as compared to lighter ones. Stains in dark color bags don’t get easily noticed.

These were some basic and simple tips for buying handbags. They are the most common requirement of any woman desiring good and stylish handbags. If you find this article helpful, please share with your loved ones by clicking on any of the social sharing buttons. You can also give us a feedback or comment by filling the box below. To receive posts, subscribe to our blog.  Your feedback is important for us to share quality information on beauty and lifestyle updates.